2 thoughts on “WoT – Testing Ground #2

  1. While we are trying to PLAY their gay ass Soviet bias Russia licking server version, these Belarus criminals are truly enjoying their crap not trying at all fixing things for its player/payer base….

    Are they run out of ideas to FIX the game???

    How about starting by nerf all OBJs by 50%???? You Russia/Putin licking bitches.

    1. How about instead of complaining about russian bias that doesn’t exist you learn to play better, besides most of the stuff in this game that’s actually broken is basic game mechanics and game design like ammunition, in game physics, map design, and not the bobjects that aren’t even that broken outside like 3-4 notable examples on the entire tech tree, hell the british tech tree has way more broken stuff than the russian one with tanks like the chief, sconq, both the 183 and the 4005 just to name some at tier 10

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