4 thoughts on “WoT – Clan Super Cup FAME (EU) vs MERCY (RU) 13/9/20

    1. Hardly surprising. FAME players are all arrogance and no substance. I have seen FAME platoon of tier 10 heavies suicide with zero damage at the beginning of random match just because of “noob team”. They deserved all the whooping they got and then some.

      1. This is incredibly toxic against 90+ players because you experienced something in a game once. When you get to a certain skill level you cannot blame the team, only yourself. If you can’t backup your claim of “noob team” then you fabricated it. You’re only commenting this out of spite because your application got denied for being bad at the game.
        Please do prove me wrong, I’d love for that to happen, even if you do, it’s just a rotten apple amongst so many great guys.

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