Supertest: ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ T77 – Changed Stats


The “hidden” status has been removed.

Penetration: 215 / 270 / 60ย ย  232 / 299 / 60 mm

Camouflage values:

  • camouflage while standing still: 2,57 %ย ย  5,13 %;
  • camouflage during motion: 5,13 %ย ย  2,57 %;
  • camouflage during firing, while standing still: 0,46 %ย ย  0,92 %;
  • camouflage while firing on the move: 0,92 %ย ย  0,46 %.

15 thoughts on “Supertest: ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ T77 – Changed Stats

  1. Haahahaahahah fucking Belarus cunts WG hahaahahahah.

    They know how to make US tanks good and fun (I don’t mean balance). hahaahaahahahaha

    But fuckers just gave T32 only 208 AP pene. hahhaahahahhahaha Coz BALANCE haahahaahahaah

    Oh, how can I forgot T69 that no one plays (last time I saw one was probably April) hahahahahhahhhahahaha

    Whore Gaying suckers hahaahaahahahahah

    #BelarusDeservesIt Coz WG hahaahahaahah

    1. Let me guess.

      Instead of getting new Italian HT on time for XMAS, these fuckers @ WhoreGays will “sell” this thing through gambling during XMAS.

  2. Lol – such rage – so mentally balanced – hahahahahaha

    What about T95E2 with 181 penetration? You speechless?

    If they sell this for Xmass in lootbox – then no need to pay for it. Simple.

    1. T95E2 was never sold for real money though. Its closest premium counterpart, the 59-Patton, was buffed multiple times (it originally had 173 pen, then 190, then 212).

  3. Balance your fucking tanks before making new ones. I will use the Panther 8.8 as a comparison until you get your shit together.
    Do they really think a tiny alpha damage increase will make it competitive to tanks like this, Progetto, Defender etc

    If you make a tank worse because of pricing, you fucked up and need to sort it out. You balance the tanks, not the pricing!

    1. WG does not care about 90% of their own premiums. They know the ones that sell, and the ones that do not, and so prioritize accordingly – the ones that sell get all the buffs, the ones that do not MAYBE get a look every now and then (see Panther 88, how long it took for them to change anything after the initial price was lowered from 11k of kek to the current one?).

  4. At the admin of this page: while i stand for free speech and all that comes with it; those comments under various posts from Bithctiana GC and others do not create any value or contructive feedback. They are just here to vent and slander about WG because they were banned on the official forums. I wonder why you wont ban them because it makes your site look bad and, in fact, a laughing stock.
    This is a news site ffs, WG will not read those messages. And dont get me wrong, I dont like WG either, but i bring forth my criticism on their official forums in a mannered way, in a way that is constructive.
    And i also do understand that you (the bitchtiana guy) would like to see WG fail and WoT as a dead game, but honestly that will not happen anytime soon…so get over it and move on, get a life.

    1. That above comment is a WG employees comment , it just shows not everybody is happy with your decisions made in the game and quite a few are actually pissed at your blatant money grabs

    2. I disagree. One of the main reasons why I visit TAP is that you can voice your opinion freely.
      You can’t blame TAP for what other people write. If you don’t like certain comments, ignore them. Problem solved.
      Have a nice day.

      1. I only ban people who insult other people harshly for no reason. People are free to bash on WG as much as they like. I’m not paid by WG so I have no reason to try to restrict people’s talks.

    3. u think your smarter then us?!?!?! XD

      Yes, it’s “you’re” and “than”, but I couldn’t help it. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Sometimes, you have to let your heart speak freely for you, and that’s what our lyricist Bithctiana is doing here. Pure, unfiltered honesty, fueled by disappointment caused by WG’s incompetence and greed. If he’s following the same anti-eekeepoo agenda as I do, I’d vote for him XD

    1. No it did not, the P26/40 was classed as a heavy tank by Italy and that was the heaviest WW2 tank they had.

      Expect a line full of fakes or at best blueprints.

      1. Honestly what does it matter at this point if we get another line of entirely fake vehicles, we already have the polish tech tree that at best only sees 20-30% of the vehicles being real or even blueprints, same with the high tier italians and a portion of the chinese tech tree, what matters is are they balanced or are we getting what will basically be progetto 46s but this time they have armor

        Thou I’d much rather get a swedish light tank line or a swiss tech tree with a heavy and med line than more fakes but we can’t have nice things, especially when most of the playerbase on all servers have the combined iq of a pile of maggots and continuously cry for more prems that rival tanks like the progetto in how broken they are but bitch that it’s shit when it’s on par with the tech tree tanks cough cs 52 cough :T

  5. With the T54E1 reclassing, T77 should be the Tier 8 of the line and replace T69 (with T69 becoming a collector’s vehicle).

    But no, let’s saturate Tier 8 even more. /s

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