Supertest: 🇬🇧 GSOR 1008 Changed Stats (Nerf)

HP: 1 400   1 300
Alpha Damage: 320 / 320 / 480   320 / 320 / 420
Rate of fire: 6,7   5,63 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 144   1 802
Damage per minute for HE shells: 3 215   2 365
Reload time between autoloader shots: 1,5 s   2,0 s
Full reload time: 31,33 s   36,62 s
Aiming time: 1,73 s   2,25 s

12 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇬🇧 GSOR 1008 Changed Stats (Nerf)

  1. Very much needed, though now it’s nowhere near as interesting. The aim time nerf especially makes a huge difference

  2. Yes, that and the nerf of the intra-clip loading time. But it still looks like a very strong tank to me. The first version was just ridiculous.

  3. Wow, we almost had a Tier 8 tank overpowered enough to compare to the Progetto. Was nice while it lasted..

  4. I agree that this needed adjustments. But I assume the Object 274A is fine and balanced in their eyes..
    WG don’t give a flying fuck about balance.
    Why are there different pricing on tier 8 premium tanks, and the cheaper ones are worse.
    The Panther 8.8 vs Progetto for example? How the hell is that balanced? And what the hell are they thinking when making these retarded decisions?

      1. The naive one here is you if you think the game is pay2win. In order for something to be pay2win it has to be sold with real money, be completely idiot proof, and garauntee with 100% chance a win. Shit not even gold ammo is pay2win anymore since they made it purchasable with credits 8 to 9 years ago.

        The game is just a pay2advance to where you need prem content to play in higher tiers. Those who say its pay2win are ironically either shit players or the ones who never spend money on the game to support it but always cry about how expensive high tiers are to play.

        1. Pay 2 Win:

          Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying.

          If you dont want to spend money, because you cannot spare, dont want to support the current way wot is developing to, etc., then you are simply f*** by the sheer amount of advantages players have, who spend money in WoT.

          Your well armored tank? Worthless against gold.
          Your credit/experience income?
          Not even close to compareable to someone who uses premiumtanks/premiumdays/boosters.
          3-4 premium rounds will totally eat up credit income, but yet you need them to stay somehow competitive.
          Flank them is the advise then, i guess? on corridor maps?
          There are so many maps where you can literally f*** yourself,
          when you ve got no gold rounds.
          Meanwhile the enemies who are willing to sling gold rounds,
          often just chew through you team with ease, but caution this works in both ways.

          Wot is in some minor branches pay to progress/advance/whatever you want to call it,
          but its mainly pay 2 win.
          And just because you have the option to buy those advantages via ingame currency, it does not mean, that you can afford it.
          And that puts everyone, skilled or not, who cannot or want to spend money on Wot, at a great disadvantage.
          And thats literally the definition of pay 2 win.

          An interesting experiment would be to remove gold ammo for a month or test that for a month on the testserver.
          Which tanks would be the new competitive ones ?
          How would payers performance/winrate across the board develop?
          Would better players get even better due to using better suited tanks?
          Would worse players drop down even further?
          Wouldnt it enable Wg to balance tanks better?
          There a many more questions i would have, but this will most likely never happen.

          Anyways my reply might got a bit long, so i apologize for this wall of text.

          Sincerly Indy_ah

          Edit: typo

        2. With your definition nothing is pay to win…
          In what game on earth is p2w so extreme that it guarantees wins 100% of the time?
          Not even cheating in CoD gives you that…

  5. People kept talking how OP Obj 274 is in a GSOR article. They want to prove WG is Russian bias and turn blind to the Russian OP tanks, but ignore the fact that the post-nerf version of GSOR is still better than the best tier 8 TD Scorpion. No doubt the GSOR is still more problematic than the Obj 274.

  6. It’s still too strong with its armor and gun Depression and will have a very negative impact on the game. We don’t need more autoloading red line campers.

  7. Excellent now i can buy British than some shitty commie cunt tank to be overpowered!

  8. I would have preferred a speed nerf to gun as it only had a small engine and speed was not a priority for this. Armour in game is hugely nerfed to the real plans – gun I would have taken a pen nerf over aim tbh but nm. As for those bitches complaining it’s OP compared to their shitty panther 88 etc, of course it is, it’s a later better design in every way. You just have a shit tank and shit stats neither of which can be buffed. Hopefully it won’t go down much further while soviet crap remains untouched.

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