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  1. GSOR1008 Scheme 4 would make for an interesting Tier 10 TD, without much modification.

    My proposed stats: (WARNING: NERDY)
    Cannon: 105mm, 7 round Autoloader, 1.75 intra clip, 42 sec clip reload.

    Ammo: 350/350/450 Damage, 265mm AP/300mm APCR/105mm HESH pen, 1100/1500/900 m/s shell velocity.
    (2800dpm with AP/APCR)

    Gun Handling: 0.35 accuracy, 1.8sec aimtime. With overall good gun bloom softstats.

    Mobility: ~40t weight with Meteorite engine (In WoT 350hp) would give it 8.75hp/t which should give it a top speed of 20-25km/h.
    Due to this it would make most sense if the hydraulic suspension worked at “any speed”

    Armor: To simplify armor let’s ignore fuel tank part and just say it has 80mm sloped at roughly 60 going up to 85degrees from vertical + 80mm flat behind it giving it at least 160+80=240mm plus the space between the plates, which I don’t know how WoT calculates for AP/APCR.
    But giving it the quite unique characteristic of being basically completely immune to HEAT from the front, except for top cupola. (160mm+1000mm space+80mm, good luck Jäggeru)

    Camo: With it being 6’8”/203cm tall the camo would be very good, Strv 103 is by comparison ~7’/214cm tall… So the camo should be roughly similar, but since the GSOR has a turret it shouldn’t be able to turn hull without losing camo.

    The tank would be extremely dangerous having very high clip damage, with quick aiming and decent accuracy, while also being extremely well protected from the front(Considering tier 10 is like 90% gold ammo and most gold rounds are HEAT).
    But being offset by very low alpha, a really long reload, quite low penetration, extremely poor mobility and bad flexibility having only +/-9 degrees of verticical gun movement.

    Compared to a Foch B it would have slightly more Clip damage, 200 less DPM, worse accuracy, Better aimtime, lower alpha but 1 more round, better armor, but way worse mobility and (probably) better camo.

    And for anyone wondering, yes I’m an extreme nerd for numbers and I’m still extremely passionate about making and balancing tanks for WoT.

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