7 thoughts on “WoT – RNG Unleashed #47: 366 mm

  1. WG:
    Introduces premium medium atronger than ruski T-44-100

    Also WG:
    Introduces 279A.

    Kek fucking W!

  2. This is the first time I’ve been interested in a premium since, what, the double barrel? looks original. 100mm hull and broken autoloader, nice.

  3. Seems like the TAP get some strange comment section now.

    Yea as far as i check most ofde soviets have some reality or projection others are pure fake and some are retarded like ebrs

  4. Hmm tasty ..
    shame about that low 370mtr View range though (not very British

    The now tight closed wallet ‘may’ creep open for this British T8 Premium auto loader with a nice Gun

    depending on
    ~ Price
    ~ if they don’t Nerf the ‘F’ out of it before release ((you know WG

  5. This is basically a TVP t50/51 but at tier 8… wtf? Even with bad gun handling, the firepower of this gun would make this more of a balanced tier 9 than tier 8

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