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    1. From the creators of Sneks on a Plen and Plens on a Snek, we now bring you: Snek is a Tonk

      “No step on snek”

      1. Dude, whatever kind of old soviet paint you are sniffing: stop doing it…

          1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH are you STILL butthurt because of those comments 2 weeks ago?

            Get a life, m8. And maybe also some soothing ointment for your arse

        1. It’s just the good ol’ lead-based paint peeling off my T-34-85M. Nothing wrong with a bit of dementia ;3

    2. to me it seems like a shortened and taller Centurion with a basic/rough shaped oscillating turret

      it just goes to show how much is still “hidden” in the archives at Bovington
      surprising how it had never came up before but since it was leaked you can already find photos of the scaled mockup/model, supposed to be a 120mm DERP-ish gun (HEAT + HESH)

  1. “So this is how the British medium derp line dies…with thunderous applause.”

    Press F for Caliban, Cobra and Centurion AVRE

        1. you are either a troll or simply ignorant, the Chrysler TV8 was to become a NUCLEAR-POWERED tank firing CONVENTIONAL cannon ammo, the Caliban was to become a conventional tank firing a 160mm mini-nuke

          however the Chrysler TV8 wasn’t just some idea to have a tank with unlimited range by being powered by a nuclear reactor, conventional engines and even a gas urbine were also proposed for it, like the TV8 the TV1 and R-32 were also proposals for nuclear-powered tanks

          1. I love people that always call others trolls just because they don’t agree with them. Its honestly an ignorant mindset to have when simply discussing things. If you disagree with someone then list the reasons as to why and don’t resort to insults or trying to downplay their opinion

            Also to answer your question no I’m being serious because the TV8 was the dumbest nuclear idea ever. Hell any nuclear powered vehicle is generally a dumb idea. On the other hand nuclear munitions are far more of a conventional idea albeit for their time lacking common sense in regards to the radiation fallout.

            1. it is not because our opinions don’t match, it is simply a fact that shooting nukes is much more ridiculous than being powered by a reactor

              considering that in the 60’s people actually believed that in a near future (20 or 30 years later) cars and aircraft would be powered by tiny reactors, just how dumb is it to imagine a tank powered by a reactor?
              we of course do know technology simply did not progress fast enough to allow that, but it was the belief it would be the safest and cleanest power source of the future, now tell me, what is more dangerous?
              a TV-1/Chrysler R-32 or TV-8 with a reactor kept behind anti-radiation materials for crew safety or a tank with mini-nukes for ammo inside the same turret where the crew is operating?
              we are not talking about depleted uranium ammo but actual “active” nukes

              finally a word about the TV-8, the nuclear reactor was just ONE IDEA, as I mentioned both conventional engines and gas turbines were proposed because the objective of creating such vehicle was to solve the eternal question
              «how to get tanks from this side to that side of the water body to the other side?»
              and so the TV-8 was thought of together with other solutions

      1. The mini nuke was an idea but never wen’t forward with the project before it was cancelled in favor of the fv4202 project but still Weegee needs ideas for new lines because the game is so poorly put together people will only play the new lines if they have a broken gimmick, see pols for example.

        1. perhaps, but the AVRE line should be possible
          some CS variant of some tank » Churchill AVRE 165 » Centurion AVRE » FV4207 Chieftain AVE (G) concept

          the one that does not fit is the original Churchill AVRE with the 290mm mortar

          1. Yeah but we have two derp LT lines, a derp heavy line and two top tier derp TD’s and no derp medium lines. another heavy derp line will be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

            The only nations left that can fulfill that roll is the Americans, the Germans, and the Soviets, but after losing the American heavium line (T42) and the medium autoloader line (T77) I have no faith WG will put them in the game, only as premiums

            this is coming from someone who hates derp tanks.

            1. first of all forget about new lines for the US TT, that just not gonna happen (except if wheeled vehicles are added to all TTs) since they have even given up on the TT rework promised since 2014 making it the ONLY TT in the game that has not been reworked to have more consistent progress and gameplay from Tier to Tier inside the same line

              second excluding the USSR TT the US TT is BY FAR the one with more options left IF they wanted to add them, if you want a DERP medium line you have variants of the following vehicles:
              M26 (M45 with 105mm M4 DERP)
              M46 (QF 165mm, can’t remember how many inches that is)
              M47 (same)
              M60 (multiple 152mm variants, including M60A2 Starship, and QF 165mm)
              T95 (same as M60, except the 152mm testbed was not called Starship)

              lastly it is one more reason for them to add the British DERP line, we can look at it as the being part of their “flavor”/Style since it matches with the other lines, and think about it, the HT and MT line are all about penetration and making sure you do consistent damage, the other lines are the support lines and so the hybrid heavy-medium DERP line would fit the role of being different from the original medium and heavy lines, but that of course is only my opinion

              almost forgot that someone from WG Asia promissed that the British wheeled vehicles will be heavy hitters, personally I only know of the Alvis Saladin wit 90mm Energa gun and a Vickers APC with the turret of the VFM/Stingray and the lightweight version of the L7 cannon, not exactly what you would call “BIG GUNS” as the WG employee mentioned, either way it does reinforce the idea of BIG DERP-ish guns being part of the British style in WoT

  2. The gun barrel is short, is this supposed to be an ancestor of the Centurion AVRE?

  3. I think thats a 90mm gun so gunna be a normal sort of tier 8 medium by the looks. Its built on a Comet chassis.

      1. Italian Heavies, some New Czech line(alledgedly), and then Japanese TDs are likely next. I know we are getting one line at the end of this year but until we seek leaks of a new premium tank fitting any of those lines we likely won’t know for sure what it will be.

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