8 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – World of Tanks Blitz launches on the Nintendo Switch

  1. Lol I was kinda hoping for just the console version… but frankly blitz has a lot of its own merits that makes it a good game separate from the pc and console versions too.

    Namely the maps are circular or radically designed and not corridor based, so it’s a LOT easier to engage enemies in fights that aren’t just impassable hull down heavies flinging gold at tiny weakspots.

    …also there’s no arty

  2. Also, blitz has balanced gold ammo, and… frankly… it’s probably the better balanced game. Like, there’s still stupid overpowered premiums, but probably overall the vehicle balance is probably better. I.e. the defender in Blitz has a 90mm lower play and… it’s actually not that strong

  3. Okay, downloaded on my switch. Some feedback;

    The switch controller is a VAST improvement over touch controls, however;
    The game like…. doesn’t run well. It’s smoother and less frame on my iPad mini 4, which is a far weaker device than an actual switch. Also there’s an issue where when you’re using the analogue stick to aim, the game sometimes brain farts and forgets that you’re aiming for like half a second and then then aiming is kinda… stuttery.

    Overall it’s not a great port, though it’s literally the first day so I assume this will get better. It’s still a hell of a lot better than trying to play on a phone. It’s not as good as just tethering an Xbox or ps4 controller to a tablet and then playing that way… or playing blitz on Steam on a PC

  4. well, the one thing I do not like in Blitz are the overbuffed armor values. E50M cannot be penned by standard ammo frontally by other tier 10 meds? Tiger II almost impenneable by VK 4503 witchout APCR frontally etc …

    Will have a look at it, though.

  5. Lansen doesn’t need a buff, it’s balanced and fun. The solution shouldn’t be to buff similar tanks th be as OP as the latest ridiculously overpowered prem.

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