8 thoughts on “WoT – CT 2 Update 1.10 with eekeeboo 17/7/20

    1. They should use his face for every game’s epilepsy warning.
      On a sidenote, somebody please tell him that streaming on Twitch has nothing to do with showing your face spasms to the whole world.

    2. More like a knob. People say he’s not real and is CGI. I can’t watch him with that annoying Twitch twitch. WG the only company who think a spastic would make a good presenter lmao

      1. Makes sense. There is nothing human about him. We know a bot when we see one.

        Besides the armour/(gold) ammo balancing issue and the 3-arties-per-team issue, strokeeboo is the third of WoT’s major flaws which have to be taken care of before I’ll ever even think about giving WG another €.

  1. Eeekeeboo can you lift my permanent ban for use of illegal mods? I was unjustly banned, I only used XVM.

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