4 thoughts on “WoT – Developers Online. Episode 3: Tank Races, esports, Update 9.0 Problems, and Conclusions

    1. You didn’t really miss anything as it was mostly them just babbling on about the various topics with nothing worthwhile to add.

      Some of them still think WoT can be an esport which is a fucking joke because the RNG is far too high for any esport league to accept the game. It was already declined by MLG years ago when WG applied to have them use WoT as one of their esport games citing that the RNG was too high.. The RNG for WoT has to be at least 10% or lower just for it to qualify as an esport but its roughly 20 to 25 percent. Shows just how fucking clueless these guys are and that none of them watch or understand esports

  1. Seeing Pankov makes me cringe. Wargaming has made so many awful design decisions since he got to be product director at WoT, but he’s as smug as ever. That this incompetent man has not managed to single-handedly kill off WoT so far goes to show how solid the core game is.

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