10 thoughts on “WoT – COMING SOON to your Garage: The Sturmtiger

    1. it will obviously be a “fun mode” like football/soccer, racing, moon battles, 8-bit, etc
      the clue was on how a vehicle basically as heavy as the original Tiger was moving around like a light tank

    2. Have you watched the video? Can’t you extract the information from it? Last question for today – do you have a 45% winrate? 😉

  1. Just why so low quality????

    Can’t WG just make it HD??? It’s 2020….

    Of course, of course, it’s a German tank… (I bet WG’ll make it HD if its USSR)

    WG so lazy and racist like always.

    1. Your generation is seriously challanged. Mentally that is.
      Everything is racist, everything is offensive.
      Toughen up you snowflake, the world doesnt owe you jack shit.

      1. First of all – they might be the same generation as you, fella

        Secondly – why judge the ones who obviously won’t complain because they’re not like that just because someone else is? Maybe draw a causative relationship between age and some other factor properly next time?

        And finally – ok boomer

  2. G. C. Bitchton – Yes, Belarusian Europeans are obviously being racist to German Europeans. . . . . WOT is made by a Belarusian company whose largest customer base is Russian and I can’t think of a single event in recent history that might make them feel negatively towards German weapons of war, can you? Old or young, a snowflake is a snowflake.

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