3 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – New British Light Tanks. Vickers Light 105

  1. Of course Blitz gets the better light line. I can’t imagine what abominations will WG come up for the PC version of Japanese TDs…

  2. Blitz is getting all the good things lately, of course largely because they have less restrictions on development (they have already added ATGMs) but they had a chance to make right what WG did wrong with “vanilla” WoT, and yet they made the same mistake they did with the Japanese TDs (mixing them up)

    turns out the Tier 8 is not the FV301, the FV301 was sort of a “overgrown” A46 light tanks (the one that is a low tier premium on WoT-PC)

    the one generaly known as FV301 (aka the one you find on any google search) is actually the Vickers Medium Cruiser Mk.I (real project, different gun), at least according to Sofilein based on what Ed Francis found in the archives

    as for the Tier 10 I have no idea but given that the very own Vickers MBT Mk.I armour was only 60mm I would not think it to be odd if b oth projects were related, maybe a earlier lighter alternative?

  3. “Its health and speed is comparable with that of american and french light tanks.”
    Compares a tier 9 Lt with the T 92 (american tier 8 premium LT) and the Bc 25t (tier 9 french MT). Nice meme with the french though.

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