WoWS ST 0.9.6, ‘German Сarriers Part 1″ event, Ranked Battles, and other news of the 0.9.6 Update

Source: WoWS Devblog

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server.

Update 0.9.6 will begin the event dedicated to the Early Access to German aircraft carriers of Tiers IV, VI and VIII.

Features of German aircraft carriers:

  • Attack aircraft are equipped with a new type of armament – AP rockets. They can deal a high amount of damage hitting the enemy’s citadel, however, just like AP shells, can ricochet or not penetrate the armor hitting at acute angle, and when fired at broadsided destroyers –with their thin armor– will result in overpenetration that deals 10% of the maximum damage.
  • Bombers are equipped with AP bombs. The attack flight dives immediately, without the prior altitude gain. Since it will be difficult to adjust the position of the aiming cone during an attack, these bombs will be most effective against slow targets.
  • Torpedoes have high speed, but low range and damage.
  • Planes have high cruising speed, but relatively small HP pool.

New expendable camouflage ‘Black-White-Red”, “German Carriers” containers, new temporary resource-German tokens, as well as new permanent camouflage “Iron Cross” for Rhein, Weser, August von Parseval, Manfred von Richthofen, Grosser Kurfurst, Z-52 and Hindenburg, were added in the game. Apart from that, Port “Hamburg” was updated.

Ranked battles

From July 22 to August 18 the 17th Ranked Battles season will be held on Tier VIII ships in a 7 vs 7 format. Victories will bring you up to 4 800 steel and other rewards.

“Modules” tab update.

In the 0.9.6 Update we’ve reworked the “Modules” tab in the Port:

  • The tab is renamed to “Equipment”
  • Now managing upgrades, consumables and modules will be performed in a single window without having to switch between tabs.

Content additions and changes

Ports “Naval Base”, “Azur Lane”, “Dragon” and “Sarushima Base” have been adapted for the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology.

Icons, descriptions and names of several types of consumables with special settings were changed. It will emphasize the difference between these types of consumables and standard ones. Descriptions of ship groups in the Tech Tree tooltips and windows with detailed descriptions were changed as well.

Rules of receiving “Aircraft Carrier Commander” emblems of all stages were changed. Now to get these emblems you’ll need to have 60, 71, 84 or 113 thousands of average damage per battle in the last 100 battles. Emblems will be credited to all the players who met new conditions of getting these emblems.

New emblem “Collector. Gold” for collecting 350 ships was added in the game. The “Collector” emblems’ design was also changed. With the addition of “Collector. Gold” emblem high-grade emblems would be almost the same visually. The new design will make a distinction between the emblems of different grades more clear in terms of visuality.

“All Seasons PT Warrior” emblem for achieving final results in all Public Test seasons was added.