2 thoughts on “WoT – Our Story: Act 1 Episode 6

  1. That has to be the most BULLSHIT i have ever seen in a video on the net and i’m 45 and online since the beginning . It’s like they just got Donald Trumps speech writer to make it and it’s all fake news

  2. Wargame are in there OWN dreamland and always have been so really DISCONNECTED from the real World

    they still keep the hated +-2MM (and lose so many players over years
    keep bring new City Maps – most are 90% hated even by HT players there that shit
    keep the Premium T8 spam endlessly for easy €€€ ((World of premiums Tanks (very close

    and so many Brocken promises over the years

    WG only good thing they ever did was create and bring us WOT to play
    more by accident than design that its still here today

    Still if you can avoid buying all that Premium T8 shit
    and avoid buying Gold
    you can have good fun in WOT

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