TAP Special #8 : Char articulé Jacquet

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On September 25, 1944, Victor Barthélémy Jacquet filed a tank patent with vertical obstacle clearance capabilities.

This vehicle consists of 3 cabins articulated by ball joints. Each module has motorization and transmission, which are either independent or connected. The front cabin can be lifted by means of jacks while still being able to be oriented to the sides. The machine should be able to vertically cross a height of 2,50 m. The middle cabin houses the operating device.

The rear cabin can carry a 75 mm gun. The armament, composed of machine guns, anti-tank guns and mine launchers, is spread between the three cabins, the heavy armament being located in the rear cabin.

The dimensions are estimated to be about 6 to 7 m in length. The inventor mainly focused on the ability of the machine to cross a vertical obstacle, and on this particular point, it must be admitted that his study is particularly mature.

Still, the fact remains that, in 1944, experience has shown that, interesting as it is, a single specific ability is of little interest if it’s done at the expense of others. The improbable armored track of Victor Jacquet would most likely have had a hard time surviving against the armored vehicles existing at the end of the Second World War.



Translated from http://www.chars-francais.net/2015/index.php/9-archives/de-1945-1990/2363-1944-char-jacquet

Original source: not specified


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