6 thoughts on “WoT – Weekly Stream with eekeeboo 6/3/20

  1. “Your Wargaming.net account has been temporarily blocked due to the cancellation of a payment for the purchase of an item in the Premium Shop.”
    Extortion and blackmail to give the client back access and use to his other paid goods and items.
    And it is not temporary, their website lists the ban as permanent. The is all their games, including games for which you never cancelled payments.

    1. Maybe you should have thought about cancelling the payment when there are legit ways to ask for a refund instead of coming up with conspiracy theories and whining after you broke one of the rules.

      Play stupid games, earn stupid prizes.

      1. What conspiracy theory please? Buy 100 tanks, charge back the last 2, lose access to the 98 tanks paid for in full. This is extortion and blackmail.

        Let’s say you are not happy with tires bought for your car because the seller did not give you all the relevant specs, cancel payment for them. The seller steals your keys to your car and does not let you drive it.

        Sure, whining and conspiracy theory. Please be stupid someplace else.

        1. The only person stupid here is you but please feel free to keep commenting and dig the hole deeper and deeper. Can’t wait to see where you will end up.

  2. @ siralexice it’s clearly evident that you are the stupid one.

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