1.4.1 Supertest: 🇫🇷 M10 RFBM


M10 RFBM. Initial stats:

Tier: TD-5, France, premium
HP: 360
Engine: 410 hp
Mass: 30,00 t
Maximum load: 31,70 t
Power-to-weight: 13,67 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 48 / -12 km / h
Hull turning speed: 30 °/s
Turret turning speed: 16,7 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,247 / 2,205
View range: 370 m
Radio range: 438 m

Hull armor: 38,1 / 19,1 / 19,1 mm
Turret armor: 57,2 / 25,4 / 25,4 mm

Gun: 3-inch AT Gun M7

Alpha Damage: 115 / 115 / 185
Penetration: 128 / 177 / 38 mm
Rate of fire: 15,261 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 755,1
Reload time: 3,932 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,412
Aiming time: 1,63 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 ° / +30 °

Crew-5 members: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio operator, Loader.

Aim spread:

  • after firing: 3,836;
  • during the rotation of the turret: 0.115;
  • while the vehicle is in motion: 0.221;
  • during vehicle rotation: 0.221;
  • during turret rotation at the maximum speed: 1.84;
  • at the maximum vehicle speed: 10.59;
  • at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 6.62.

Camouflage values:

  • fixed tank camouflage: 31.2%;
  • tank camouflage during motion: 18.7%;
  • camouflage of the tank shooting while still: 8.11%;
  • camouflage of the tank shooting on the move: 4.86%.





30 thoughts on “1.4.1 Supertest: 🇫🇷 M10 RFBM

  1. So, what kind of premium tanka are we doing next?

    *rolls dice*

    Well, lets do some Hellcats

    1. it is definitely a “miss” by WG
      we all know how the British modified the M10 with the 17pdr gun making it the Achilles, right?
      well, while not exactly French, it was made in Israel afterall, they could have instead added the M10 with the AMX-13 75mm gun, that would make it different and at least “somewhat French”

      1. No, its not. Nobody ever called the M10 that in WW2, not officially.

        Don’t give two sh*ts what Wiki says.

  2. So if you are looking for low tier French TD trainer and feels FCM something2 tier is too low… teah, this might be what you want.

  3. Pass on this ‘boring under power T5 Premium TD’

    why the fuck pay real money for this crapper Premium, when the old FCM Premium TD makes this T5 look utter crap ))and a tier lower

      1. Didn’t know the French for ‘wolverine’ was ‘imbecile’ – you learn something new every day.

      2. Why are there no Arab Tanks in WoT?
        Because Israel blew most of them up, and the others were used to commit suicide.

  4. There is no high-Tier french TD with the same crew-lineup. This makes even less sense.

  5. Is this a tier 5 or 6 . If it’s a 6 then they can keep it since its going to see tier 8’s none stop . No Fucking Thank’s …. Not paying money to get my ass handed to me and make as much as playing a regular tank when taxes are all added in from the cost of ammo .

  6. Why are the fire rate and accuracy worse than the tech tree Wolverine? A typo in the numbers perhaps?

    In any case, my guess as to why this is being released at all is that some kind of historical mode is being worked on and that’s why we see tanks like this, the Tiger II H, and others being developed.

  7. well, I spontaneously compared it ti the T67 and lets just say: I am totally underwhelmed.

    on the other hand I appreciate the idea of not adding just another tier 8 prem tank. french TDs on the other hand are not so commonly seen ingame, so why not …

  8. Collector’s item only, or for those who for some reason kept the ARL V39 and/or the AMX AC 46 and have a crew to swap (afaik they’re the only two with matching crew slots to this).

  9. Near-useless as a crew trainer because the crew slots are different from almost all the existing French TDs. Plus a totally different playstyle than all the casemate TDs. And it’s not like a French turreted TD line is likely to happen. I’m not even sure if designs would exist to make one. Especially since the ARL 44 and AMX CDC are already in the game as a heavy and a medium despite being TD designs historically.

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