Remove Skorpion G camo

 Exchange your Rheinmetall Skorpion G for free starting from 14 February at 09:00 CET (UTC+1) (see below)

Swap Conditions


These rules are exclusively valid for this specific offer. Follow the link here and submit a ticket to our Customer Support. Any ticket created there will lead to a swap, as long as you have the Rheinmetall Skorpion G and you were not playing with it at the time your request was processed.

  • The swap will NOT be done immediately but in batches, so please wait patiently for the confirmation e-mail you will receive when it’s done
  • Your Rheinmetall Skorpion G statistics will stay in your Service Record
  • All mounted equipment and consumables will be moved to the Depot
  • The Crew will be moved to the Barracks (temporary bunks, if there are no free ones)
  • The swap is only possible one way (Rheinmetall Skorpion G to Rheinmetall Skorpion). There’s no reverse swap

17 thoughts on “Remove Skorpion G camo

  1. Asshole WG Asia didn’t let us ditch the GF style for the m41 or 1357 unlike the EU so I guess it will not let us pimp our SkorpGs either……Such dumb bastards could make $$$ from doing it.

    1. My boyfriend likes the desert camo too, but I think it’s a bit too … um, drastically (?) I don‘t know exactly how to describe it

    1. Because the G like most skinned tanks already has camo on it giving it a value since you can’t change it. Slap camo on this, and it’s the same. so idk what the issue is.

      1. The difference is that you can get slightly more camo with the skinned tanks, because the the camo value does not get added, it is included in the base camo value instead.

        Which means that when you have camo skill (plus stuff that increases it – BIA, food) it increases the base camo value which is higher on the Skorp G. On the other hand Skorp “regular” has lower base camo which gets increased by skill and then the additional static value from camo gets added on top of it.
        (In short regular painted camo value does not increase from crew skill, while the G has the painted camo included in the base camo)

        1. Checked in the client. I am wrong it is the same.
          I guess they changed it because some 2 or 3 years ago I think it was different.

    2. OFC it will change, because you need camo paint to stay the same. Old times the pre-painted tanks have worst camo, then the self-painted, but it seems they ninja buffed them recently

  2. Really hope that it will come to RU. Hell, I’ll probably buy a second Skorpion just for the memes.

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