WoT – Explaining mechanics : Concealment, part 1

17 thoughts on “WoT – Explaining mechanics : Concealment, part 1

  1. Idiotic and arbitrary arcade settings, chewed on. The rules are pure WG invention, all the way, between X-ray vision (!) and max view range.

    “Invisible” opponents, sure, possible, but not on an open field with zero cover.

    Zero attempt to logical realism. Vehicle in open field can be seen miles away, by rising dust trail.

    Hidden tank can stay hidden after a shot, but the shot itself is nothing like a clean dry snap in the game. The shot can and should be seen. Muzzle brake does not affect vehicle concealment, but will make the shot blast clearly visible.

    I don’t even mention black or clown painted tanks, having a camo bonus actually. Right.

    The minimum they should change/add is in-between spot and invisibility blur. Tanks just before spotting, or x-ray spotting, should appear as blurry images.

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      1. Yeah this one is just sad, a lot of vehicles on t10 can reach max view range with optics + crew skills + consumables so the only practical advantage light tanks have is camo on the move and after shooting (well, they can also go beyond the max spotting range). I am not really sure but wasn’t a rebalance of view ranges tested on sandbox a couple years ago? What happened to that?


    1. It’s a game. Games have gameplay mechanics. Complaining about spotting in WoT is like complaining about fog of war in DOTA, it’s retarded.


    2. The rules are a WG invention because the game is theirs, what? Invisible opponents occur because of the above rules. X-ray is just an indicator. Logical realism and videogames don’t really make for exciting gameplay. This game wouldn’t be half as successful if they went full realism. As per your example, if there were view ranges of miles then the maps would have to be in the tens of miles and that would slow down gameplay by a lot. Imagine driving T95 (or any other slow tank) on a 10 mile map. Not funny. Not enjoyable. 🙂 Clown paints were a mistake imo. The camo bonus is the reward you get for buying them, I guess. As for the rest of your post with shot blast and blurry images that all looks like it’s graphics eye candy and can be done but it would have to work on all settings and on the old renderer so I guess it’s possible but I doubt they are considering it. Cheers


  2. Good video, nothing the pros don’t know about. Only a few people will probably make use of this, the general population will not notice it.


    1. experienced players know this…..those willing to improve themselves will take notice and adapt…..rest will complain it is not “realistic” and will learn jack shit from this (and continue to cry about hackers and cheaters in general chat)

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        1. I doubt it too. When an efficient player uses bushes etc accordingly he gets accused of using illegal mods hacks. Same old shit.


  3. “Light Tanks Have an Above Average View range”

    Well that’s correct ~ they used to back in the good old days ))not that long ago

    Then the WG genius Devs decoded that LT’s are just too Good with the new excellent +-2MM Template from 1.0 as they would now be ‘over powered’ this after the old complete shit +-3 MM rule and only for LT’s

    WG solution was to remove up to 20 ~ 40 meters view range from almost all LT’s – so as most LT’s Tanks now have far less view range to most Medium Tanks

    … then they nerfed LT’s Guns by around 40%
    Genius!! ~ now Light Tanks are ‘balanced’

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