SuperTest: The Lost City

Greetings Tankers! 

The release is nigh! We’re rolling into the final stage of the updated Lost City map test. We’ve defined the gameplay scenario for the location. We intend to check the team and direction balance, making changes if necessary. Once finished we just need some finishing touches from the artists, then the map will be good to go on the main servers.

How has Lost City changed (globally)?

• The location may have evolved, but the setting has remained constant. Namely the accent on the central part as well as some aspects from the symmetry from Team Battles.
• Lost City has become larger (1000×1000 meters), offering vehicles of every class a place and an opportunity to shine.
• On the old version of the map, the action (for the most part) took place in the city blocks, favouring well armoured and mobile vehicles. In the new iteration, we’ve added dedicated directions for different vehicle classes.
• The city blocks occupy the middle of the map. It’s a spot where things are settled face-to-face: by heavies, mediums suitable for front-line skirmishes and thick-skinned TDs. The buildings will block most potential cross firing angles, but not all of them, so keep alert and a cool head when brawling.
• The west of the map is the place for some traditional LT and MT “Yee-haw” cowboy action. Remain active and agile, advancing ahead while controlling the direction of the battle. From here, you can dash on to the enemy base or pin down your opponents in the city blocks, giving your teammates much needed fire support and diverting enemy attention. 
• In the East side of The Lost City, matters are decided in a more subtle and thoughtful manner. The terrain is open like the western prairie, with a bias towards defence, not offense. With lots of shrubbery and beautiful sniping sights.

• On the map’s northern and southern edges, you can find the TD positions where bush and terrain-based cover is plentiful. Where you can support your allies or containment of the most zealous foes.

0 thoughts on “SuperTest: The Lost City

  1. Another fail, I mean total fail. The city will be unplayable as it seems completely flat and extremely open to artas + there are only so few streets. Artificial TD sniping positions not adding anything to the playstyle either. If the map is called “city” then there should be a city which means many streats, many flanking oportunities, more arta cover not 4 lines of houses aligned in the square.

    I never wanna see this on randoms.

  2. Why do they even bother with the supertest? All sorts of imbalances and leaks slip out every time it’s sad. It seems like a waste of time to me since there’s the common test as well, and everyone can get to the common test unlike the supertest. 🤔

  3. WOT supertesters are all fucking MORONS. As soon as they said the “CREATED spots for TDs” I was done with this map.

    1. Why would WG want to specifically create spots for TDS? This is what has ruined all the maps because you can’t advance with all the TD camping spots.

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