Snow Leopard – Style (SU-130PM)

A reward for completing the Winter Challenge event. 
It can be applied only on SU-130PM. 

9 thoughts on “Snow Leopard – Style (SU-130PM)

  1. Any more infos? will it be a marathon like the Cent AX was ( as they said they will do more like this) Or a gift for completing the whole christmas tree / all christmas collections?


  2. yeah, only 25k per day…. even if u are VERY good and can get 800+ regularly (win or lose) u gonna need 30 battles per day (at least), 7 min on average, thats roughly 200-220 min, so almost 4 hours of playing every day – if u are good. If not, u gonna need roughly 5-6 hours per day (10 days straight without break) to get it. Seriously guys, if u rly want this tank – get some easy job, u will get those money in no time (compared to the time u would need to get it via playing).


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