0 thoughts on “Thanksgiving customization on NA server

  1. Tbh I like the looks of it, but are you actually mental WoT Salesteam? 6$ for a style? Or if I am reading it wrong let me know, because right now it looks like for the style and the inscription you have to pay 1750 Gold o.O

        1. It was no doubt posted in a humorous manner. Them you changed your mind and realised the embarrassment.

          1. Well, I have an actual account with an actual robopon pic on my avatar. So yeah, my dudes, it was fun (not) but you can stick it and do something productive. Like get out of your grandma’s basement and find a job. Maybe even a girlfriend, who knows. I doubt it though. Also don’t play WoT and stop drinking already.

            1. But I’m the one and only Robopon and will keep claiming my rightful title to this name. You are not legit because you have linked a newly created Twitter account. Remember; only my WordPress account is legit and proof of my identity here. This bickering is a nuisance.

              1. Don’t take it personally. I just value my name and can’t just give it up because of this meme of using my name everywhere.

                1. Resort to personal insults, that’s how people differentiate me from trolls like you, the insults and the toxicity. Know this, I will keep fighting for my right to this name. No matter how many insults you hurl at me.

  2. Only someone as dumb as the bloodthirsty Yankees can pay for this and celebrate mass extermination of Natives and turkeys. And besides that, to pay for a style that symbolizes savage hordes of greedy idiots who plunder shops nationwide. Only in ‘Murica gentlement, only in ‘Murica. #muhfreedomz

    1. “celebrate mass extermination of Natives and turkeys.”

      WOW!!!!! The pilgrims didn’t exterminate ANY Natives. As for turkeys, there are a ton of wild turkeys, so I guess the “mass extermination” didn’t happen.

    2. Haha, I just knew someone would post something like this. Nonsensical garbage belonging in the ash heap of history.

  3. Thank god for this update, I couldn’t live without it.

    Honestly just seems like the top WOT guys at WG are only concerned with graphical things, look at recent changes. 1.0 updates, HD tanks, new maps with crazy graphical detail (that are otherwise terrible in terms of gameplay) and now all the skin stuff…


    Jokes on us boys.

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