Version 1.3 – 🇨🇳M41D

The M41D , the Chinese Bulldog variant, arrived to the update 1.3 game files. It will be a light Tier VIII premium tank. When it comes to statistics, it will be close to the original, the main differences are a slightly better cannon, acceleration and shorter view range.

Consequently, the vehicle will be similar to other Chinese light tanks, offering slightly more firepower in place of mobility or view range.

The model is also finished. Which means you should expect it in the premium store soon…

0 thoughts on “Version 1.3 – 🇨🇳M41D

  1. Not a bad addition. Even if it’s a copy, it’s historical and not overpowered. And it looks very good. Now I can only wait for an M41 DK-1 to pop up as a tier 10 or something…

  2. Just as it was with the tech tree Bulldog, I think WG is underestimating how much of a drawback the huge silhouette and the poor camo are for a light tank. At least the M41-90 has firepower to show for it.

  3. This tank is historically incorrect. The Republic of China ended in 1949 with Mao’s revolution. The Bulldog only came into existence in 1951. It’s wrong.

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