Wargaming is testing loot boxes in World of Tanks?

Source: Rykoszet

A very interesting thread appeared on Tank Reddit . Czech player received a very interesting message in the game in the form of a pop-up window. The message is about a purchase of a mysterious container in the Premium shop for around 19.5€



According to the information, this container should contain a guaranteed reward , which one – depends on luck. As you can see on the screen above, the chances of winning are:

  • ELC EVEN 90 + 30 Premium account – 8% chance;
  • Rheinmetall Scorpion G – 6% chance;
  • 15,000 gold + 15,000,000 credits – 9% chance;
  • 3,000 gold + 1,000,000 credits – 13% chance;
  • 3,500 gold + 800,000 credits – 12% chance;
  • 3,000 gold + 30 Premium account – 12% chance;
  • 3,300 gold + 10 personal reserves 100% XP for two hours – 13% chance;
  • 4,250 gold + 10 personal reserves 50% credits for two hours – 13% chance;
  • 4,250 gold + 7 Premium account – 14% chance.


25 thoughts on “Wargaming is testing loot boxes in World of Tanks?

  1. The information about the box contents are different between text & ingame popup.

    And in fact most of the contents are just shit. So we end up with a chance of 77% to get shit, 14% to get somethign wortfull and 9% to get the top prize of 15k gold and 15 million credits (or 12,5k gold and 12,5 million credits)

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  2. Well, anything that isn’t either gold or a premium tank is a huge waste of money.

    Funny though, we’ve got a global shitstorm about lootboxes and WG thinks the best thing to do is implement their own? Classic WG move. 😀

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      1. Gambling is always a problem whether it’s in a free game or a full priced game.

        You give money and what you get back is something random, gambling.


  3. As long as the contents of the box doesn’t give you an advantage over other players during battle, i don’t care


  4. Start selling loot boxes and stop spamming new OP premium tanks.
    At least people will waste their mony continuously and they’ll be able to focus on making actual tanks.


  5. ELC EVEN 90 + 30 Premium account – 8% chance;
    Rheinmetall Scorpion G – 6% chance;
    15,000 gold + 15,000,000 credits – 9% chance;
    3,000 gold + 1,000,000 credits – 13% chance;
    3,500 gold + 800,000 credits – 12% chance;
    3,000 gold + 30 Premium account – 12% chance;
    3,300 gold + 10 personal reserves 100% XP for two hours – 13% chance;
    4,250 gold + 10 personal reserves 50% credits for two hours – 13% chance;
    4,250 gold + 7 Premium account – 14% chance.

    But on the popup are other offers shown. So which one are the right offers?


  6. This game is already extremely overpriced as it is. Loot boxes are just going to hasten people towards the exit. I think the nye boxes were a little different scenario, but as soon as that event stopped there was a huge dip in the playerbase.

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  7. Ah, something we really really needed.
    I would love to hear the reasoning behind this, from the actual WG employee making this idea.
    (I would also like to have a baton with me to bash their head in.)

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  8. I find it a rather silly move after quite a number of nations declared, that lootboxes are some form of gambling and thus will be regulated this way.

    Anyway: TOTALLY uninteresting for me. :-/


    1. Apart from the fact that I reject lootboxes as matter of principle: If Wargaming really do this, they should at least have the decency to reveal the actual chances of winning the various items the way Apple forces App Devs to.
      I am pretty sure they have fiddled with the winning chances in last year’s Holiday Ops two or three days into the event because the number of reports by winners in the forum dropped significantly. If Wargaming revealed the winning chances, there would be at least a minimum amount of control.


  9. Why not spend that money on something that guarantees you get 100% of what you paid for, like, I don’t know, any gold package sold in the Premium Shop? I guess wasting money isn’t exciting enough for some people. 😒


  10. Why not just put a daily reward just like how WT gives you boosters per day when you login? And at random times, you roll a dice where you get a huge discount on a prem tank or a locked upgrade on a tank will be automatically researched or your regular tank will become a premium one. It motivates a player to play more games or login everyday. (The grinds and tree lines are still crap)


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