Analysis of maps based on server statistics: Himmelsdorf

Source: WoT RU Portal

We have something that will be useful even for seasoned tankmen, not to mention the newcomers, – server statistics. It and the information based on it – all this is exactly useful in battle. Watch and play with meaning.

General description of the map

“Himmelsdorf” – a city map with a size of 700 to 700m. The map is symmetrical, the main collisions occur on the mountain near the castle and on the “banana”. Light and medium tanks are fighting for control over the railway with the support of heavy tanks and Tank Destroyers. The “length” is a shootout for long distances. The central square is almost not used, since it is completely shot through. Zones “loopholes” are used for fire support and firing at the outside area of the mountain.

Positions of effective fire

The marked positions reflect the location of the equipment and the direction of the fire, where the players most effectively deal damage in the battle. This data is based on server statistics, which is based on a huge number of battles conducted on the map.

For battles, you should choose the direction in which the technique will feel comfortable and be fully realized. Zones, where the enemy effectively fires, should be avoided or proceeded with extreme caution.

Maps are interactive. Visit the original page to explore them.

Bottom Base:

Upper Base:

 Positions where the vehicles are most often destroyed

Based on statistics for the huge number of fights, the vehicles of teams are most often destroyed in these positions. Therefore, you need to act very carefully or choose safer routes while near them.

Upper Base:

Bottom Base:

Zones of concentrated artillery fire

From the marked positions the artillery fires most frequently and effectively. Controlling the enemy’s artillery and destroying it in these positions will greatly facilitate the life of your allies.

If possible, avoid artillery fire control zones or try to stay there as little as possible so that enemy artillery can not fire on you effectively.

Upper Base:

Bottom Base:

Here it is, the map “Himmelsdorf”, with all its advantageous and not the most profitable positions. Take on arms!


7 thoughts on “Analysis of maps based on server statistics: Himmelsdorf

  1. “Himmelsdorf” great for battles up to T6 only

    after that it should be called HimmelShit as its shit to play and not fun at the higher tiers 700m x 700m in a city come on WG stop living in the past and make it T6 up to only.

    btw, WG has a joke (and its real)

    “Himmelsdorf” is the most popular map with WOT players we asked them! and “Himmelsdorf” is the no1 map in the game they most look forward to playing ……… oh really.

    yup honestly Serb B and a few others keep trolling us with that, sigh.


  2. So…

    As always MOTHER RUSSIA first….

    Or is just that hard cheating (eu is full of cheaters but i guess ru is far worst…) is not enough for ru players?

    Oh, i forgot, ban wave is coooooming!!! ahahahahah i’m looking at the horizon waiting for Godot…

    And please, keep Mountain Pass and similar hard camping maps in CW and Advance, is always lovely to break hard campers in advantage positions and hordes of “skilled players” in type 5.


  3. It shows clearly there are just few places you can go to, isn’t that an obvious issue?

    Also interesting that the hill has more destroyed from one side, would expect it to be more simetrical. Probably because of camping tds around B2.


  4. I never really understodd why WG create choke points by purpose, why cant they make alternative routes so people can advance towards those camping HTs and TDs just staying hull down and spam heat? Most older maps that were removed has several patch that people could use to advance, but apparently WG didnt like it and removed the maps. The most stupid map must be phrokorovka and malinkova they are the best example of corridor maps because as soon as you are trying to push you get spotted and sniped and hammered by arty. I hate malinkova and proko both in my MTs and HTs.


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