WoT RU: Preload the Patch 9.22

Taken from the WoT RU portal


Continuing the practice of pre-downloading the update, we suggest that you download the version 9.22 in advance from January 31, 12:00 (MSK). The update itself will be released soon after the preload version.

Pre-distribution of the update will reduce the load on gaming services on the day of its official release. And you, after downloading the new version in advance, will be able to try out its innovations as soon as the update is released – without delays and tedious waiting.

We remind you that this is still nothing more than a test of a new process, and there is no talk of introducing such a distribution of updates on an ongoing basis.


What is preload?:

This is the download of the future update files (approximate sizes are 400 MB for the SD client and an additional 600 MB for the HD version), but with installation only on the day of its official release. Installation will take place after the launch of the launcher after the completion of work on the game servers.

To start automatic downloading in the settings of the launcher, a checkmark in the item “Allow pre-download updates” (by default it is activated) should be checked.


Will preloading 9.22 somehow affect the ability to play in tanks?:

In no way – you can at any time start playing in tanks. But in this case, the download will automatically pause, and will resume immediately after you exit the game. You can also put the download on pause at any time.


Where will the update be stored? Can I drop it on a USB flash drive and take it to a friend?:

Yes, you can carry it to a friend, because the update will be based on the standard address on your computer C:GamesWorld_of_TanksUpdates (or, if the game is installed elsewhere – your drive:GamesWorld_of_Tanks Updates)


If I click on a pause in the launcher, will the download resume the next time it is turned on, or should I start the download on a new one?

It will resume.


Will I be able to choose the pre-boot stage, will the HD or SD client be downloaded?:

No. Download update files for the type of client that you have selected at the moment.


Where can I go if there are technical problems during the preliminary download?:

Discuss this news at the forum, we will answer your any questions on this topic.

20 thoughts on “WoT RU: Preload the Patch 9.22

  1. So basically, despite the immense amount of negativity towards the Obj 263 line changes WG plan to force it in?

    Somehow I\’m more disgusted in myself for being surprised at this then I am at WGs sheer level stupidity

    1. I was kinda mad too, but then I realized that nobody flips out about 430 changes, even though it gets the same treatment. So screw 263, especially considering that the new tier 10 is a very unique and interesting machine.

      1. If by \”unique and interesting\” you mean worse DPM then some tier 8 HT and TD and far less accurate, then sure.

        I would rather my T95 and Tortoise, both of which are well armored. more accurate and have better DPM.

        The 263 is more unique and interesting. Not to mention it has DPM to deter enemies from rushing you. What\’s the 268 Ver 4 got, good reverse speed? Not going to help when a tank faster then 22km/h will just roll past you and kill you while you only get one shot off

    2. less than a small minority want the 263 at t10 insted of the 268V4, which is by far a much better and more fun tank, while also the 263 at t9 became borderline OP.
      All whiners should actually test the patch and stop complaining just for the sake of it

      1. I have tested the 263 at tier 9 and the 268 Ver 4 and both are a complete downgrade to the current 263 at tier 10. They would have been bbetter off changing the line like this:


        Buff the 263\’s lower plate, side hull armor and gun arc. Then offer it as a special reward for people that already own it. 263 owners get to keep it at tier 10, the line is visually more consistent and WG can earn money off people buying gold to free exp to tier 10 to get the 263 before it\’s removed from the line.

        There\’s better options that have been suggested

      2. Incidentally the \”small minority\” that wants the 263 at tier 10 is the people that put in the effort to get the 263. It\’s a small minority of players not because the 263 was bad, but because the line was bad. Funnily enough, the line\’s now more frustrating then it was before.

        Great, you have more survivability thanks to better armor, but more armor\’s pointless when you struggle to hit anything and when you do your alpha damage and DPM are no threat so anyone with two brain cells to rub together will be able to flank you since to be able to hit anything you need to be close to the enemy.

        The 268 V4 is fun, yes, but if I didn\’t already have the 263 I would never go to it. Me, like other people, went to the 263 because of how it played, not for how the 268 V4 plays.

        Also, the 263 at tier 9 is so far from being OP. It\’s long, has the engine at the front, open casement and has the joint worst DPM of all tier 9 TDs tied with the T30. Which has 750 alpha damage, a turret and is more accurate.

        The 263 at tier 10 because it can out turn you and, more importantly, out DPM the living shit out of you

      3. I\’ll also add that I have tried them on the test server, rather extensively since.

        All supporters of the change have clearly never gone down the line so they don\’t have anything to compare experiences to. With these changes the line\’s worse then it ever was

  2. So…it\’s coming up fast then. Seb, what happened to the news that the follow-up for the T-10 and 430-II were coming with 9.22? Doesn\’t seem like that\’s happening.

        1. The insider got facts right previously, seems to have made a mistake. The Obj 777 as a tier X heavy tank after T-10 is still not out of the question however, it might come, just at a later date than planned.

          1. I would much rather have the Obj 277 or Obj 770. Basically better T-10s with no pike, which is my only issue with the T-10. The 777-II looks out-of-place. It\’s not any faster, the gun is the same and the armor just makes it an alternative to the T-10 rather than an upgrade. I just don\’t like the armor configuration at all.

                1. It has ridiculus dpm. But it also has a 122mm with 220 pen. So not great for a tier X. But I suspect it\’s just a placeholder stat tank for removed tanks. As the FV4202 that still is on tier X on tank.gg

          2. I\’ll pretty sure no one bats an eye it them tell to us thet the new T10 after T-10 is a captured Chieftain Mk6

  3. I have a bad feeling about this whole thing……..they are rushing it too much……hope we don\’t get bite in the ass……..witch we probably will…..lets face it: its WG…….when was the last time the patch went without a problem?

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