Map Monday – Siegfried Line

Edit : another improved version (sound-wise) has been uploaded, and the previous one (which I posted here) has been deleted


6 thoughts on “Map Monday – Siegfried Line

  1. oh great…the map where the heavies on my team constantly blame their deaths on me because i didn’t go field in my medium.

    maybe i would go field if it wasn’t a friggin death trap.

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    1. Lack of cover is really painful there.
      But you need to go there if you want to win AFAIS. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Last 60 battles I got about 60% w/r on it.


      1. problem is. the heavies who blame me for not going field. aren’t sitting there to shoot what i spot.

        they expecting me to go there and win……instead of sitting near town and lighting field from where i can back up to them.

        if i have a wolfpack of ligths and meds. field it is
        but thats rarely. and usually i’m in non camo’d. no armor. meh mobility meds….


        1. I do not like going there in any kind of tank.
          And wolfpack is just brute-forcing the flank.
          That whole half of the map needs some damn cover(a trench or something).


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