7 thoughts on “Inside the ships : ORPORP Błyskawica

      1. Funny, I had to pronounce a Polish name at a wedding not long ago, and that was pretty much my reaction.

          1. When your brother is the groom, and he asks you to read the civil act of marriage, you can\’t exactly refuse…

            I suspect he made a deal with the mayor, she didn\’t have to read the act, and by extension the bride\’s long ass Polish last name, and in exchange they got their pick of the time and date xD

  1. Anything with \”Richard Cutland\” on it is an auto-NOPE. Nevermind the scale of how much a fuck up he is. A god damn voice synthesiser strapped onto a potato would be more pleasant to listen to and watch at.

    1. Oh, as for the pronunciation of the ship\’s name, try: \” B – Whisk – A – Vits – A \”. It\’s not so terrible tongue twister as it seems, really.

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