Greek battleship Salamis‏

From our reader GrimmaceNA:
Greetings everyone,
Today I decided to show you guys a ship not too popular but which I found interesting. I am posting about the Greek Battleship or Battleships Salamis. Battleships you may ask? Well I say battleships for the reason that there is a large enough difference between the original plans and the final design that could make two tiers of ships. I wouldn’t just make it a hull upgrade on one tier for the reason the upgraded design is over 100 feet longer and 6000t heavier.

 The picture above is the first draft design for the Salamis. The stats underneath the drawing are actually for the upgraded design.
The first Greek Salamis was designed to be 13500t. It was armed with 6 14inch guns in three turrets, secondaries were 8 6 inch and 8 3 inch guns. This Salamis would have been capable of about 21 knots. I think this design would fit well at tier three.


This above is the second and final design of the Greek Salamis. Coming in at 19500t for the final version, Salamis was upgunned to 8-14 inch guns in four turrets. Secondaries were also buffed to 12 6 inch and 12 3 inch guns. This Salamis was capable of about 23 knots. I would say this Salamis could work well at tier four.
Both designs had underwater torpedoes which I think would be useful in game but Wargaming has other thoughts on that.
Here is a part that I found interesting. The Greek Salamis participated on both sides of WWI (sort of). Laid down in 1913 and launched in 1914 in Hamburg, Germany. The Great War stopped it from being completed and the hull was towed to Kiel and used as a floating barracks during the war. The armament was ordered from Bethlehem Steel in the USA and of course couldn’t be shipped to Germany at that time. The 14 inch guns were then instead sold to the British and were used in the Abercrombie class Monitors.
Source: All the World’s Battleships