Christening The New Japanese Sumo Tanks!

Behold! Silly Names For Silly Tanks: Land Battle Ships!

English / Japanese ‘Sumo’ Name Translation:

– Tōru Tanku (Type 95) = Tōru: Baby name which means Sea. Tanku: Tank.*

– Moru (Mi To 100) = Mole.

– Mausu (Mi To 150) = Mouse.

*I want the name ‘Tōru Tanku’ for the ‘Tanku’ is a baby ‘Land Battleship’ in a Japanese line of heavy ‘Land Battleships’. It’s a baby tank :).

I thought that I ‘better strike while the Iron is Hot’ so to speak and post my Nicknames of the new Japanese Heavy Tanks ‘Sumo Tanks’ and or ‘Land Battleships’ (Just you wait until we see the Tier Ten!) Hey they might even make it to The Might Jingles. Mausu Stronk Tanku!