Swiss Progression Structure: Insane and Independent. (Part One) [‘B.o.W.’]

Hello friends, I am Within Amnesia: Behold my first article herein! Without further ado and fanfare, my ‘B.o.W. role model’ Swiss Progression Structure: (^Alpha B.o.W. Prototype Swiss Progression Structure, Dated: 29/10/2014.^)

Please Click Here To Zoom-In Image  

Colour Legend~ Light Blue: Tankette, Green: Light Tank, Yellow: Medium Tank, Dark Grey: Heavy Tank, Red: Tank Destroyer, Highlighted Letters With A Solid Background: Multi Class, Orange Background: Always Signifies A Premium Vehicle.

Some ‘Recently Discovered’ Swiss Applicable Fighting Vehicles (That I Know Of) Are Missing From The Above Prototype Swiss Progression Structure. I Plan To Create An Updated Version.

I feel as though I should be morally inclined to say that I do not intend this Tech Tree Progression Structure for any video game currently ‘on the market’; rather it is for a personal project of mine code-named: “B.o.W.”

My kindly ‘internet friends’, please thank Sebastian for being such a fine young gentleman and for also being such a gracious and welcoming host as to allow the likes of my shenanigans work to be published herein.

With the Best of Intentions:

Within Amnesia.