A chance to ride the Tiger 131

Ever wanted to ride a tank? What about the legendary Tiger 131 from Bovington Tank Museum?

Tiger 131 – Tank Fest 2013 – Photo taken by Harkonnen

For those interested, the Bovington Tank Museum is selling raffle tickets where you can win a ride in the Tiger 131 on Tiger Day. Cost is 5£ each ticket, you can buy as many as you want to increase your changes to win.

If you plan on going to Tiger Day on 30th April 2016, and would love to ride the Tiger 131 just visit the museum page and get yourself one. Because of last year success, the museum decided to give more than one prize this time, so here what you could win:

  • 1st Prize: Ride on Tiger 131
  • 2nd Prize: Ride on Leopard
  • 3rd: Prize: Ride on Centurion

You can buy a raffle up to 29th February and the drawn will be on 4th March. The winners will be informed shortly after.

In no way I am trying to sell more tickets, just got one for me because I am going to Tiger Day and I though some of you might want to have a go too.