TAP Special #9 : Batignolles-Châtillon DP 2

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The Compagnie Générale de Construction de Locomotives Batignolles-Chatillon presented in 1935 a prototype for an amphibious tank, produced at the request of the Section Technique des Matériels Automobiles de Combat (literal translation: Technical Section of Combat Automobile Materials).

The first tests took place in March 1936, but the machine sank at the end of the demonstration. The tank was modified by the manufacturer and tests continued until 1937, but the development proved to be difficult.

The project then was suspended, and it seems no actions were taken afterward.

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TBTD – The only Dutch Tank in WWII & The Dutch Defensive Strategy

In Throwback Thursday we’ll look back on some tank (historical) peculiarities. This week we’ll start with the Dutch Renault FT-17 and its fate throughout the war.
The Dutch might not be known for their extensive combat and resistance against the German invaders in May 1940. A little background insight will be given to show why the Dutch army was far from ready when Germany invaded.
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Object 777 – Spotted in battle

An Object 777 has been spotted in battle. MrOmen from PSQD published a video on his YouTube channel, where a platoon of players from HOOLS had one of these rare tanks in their team. The video is not in English and doesn’t have subtitles available, but you can still see the gameplay this machine has to offer.

Obj. 777 version II spotkany na randomieObj. 777 version II spotkany na randomie

If you never heard about this tank before, have a look at Seb’s posts about it:

TAP Special #5 : Henry tank destroyer

Hi again ! I’m back for another article translation from chars-francais.net, today’s about a little vehicle simply called Henry tank destroyer. For the eventual new readers, these articles are aiming to highlight some vehicles which aren’t covered by World of Tanks (yet), so in other words, vehicles that not everyone is aware of.

Parachutable amphibious tank destroyer project dating from 1951, made by civil engineer M.G. Henry.
The tank is equipped with a recoilless gun of undefined caliber mounted fixed in the axis of the machine.
Hydraulic skis placed below the hull are supposed to improve the crossing of marshy or snowy terrain.
Inflatable ballonets are arranged around the hull in order to provide the vehicle an amphibious capability.
The crew consisted of 2 people.
This project never went further.

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