New Italeri Line 1:56 – Update


Wargaming officially announced the new Italeri 1:56 scale model kits based on World of Tanks. Each kit will cost 24,90€ and are only available on the Italeri Online Store.

If you have seen my previous post, where you could see the announcing trailer, each tank comes with a special bonus for PC: 3 days of Premium Account, and you get all four of them you can get the Pz.Kpfw. IV Hydrostat a Tier V German Premium Tank with special Matchmaking.

If you also play on Xbox, don’t forget that each tank comes with a T2 Light Tank, a garage slot and 7 days of Premium Account!


Saumur Tank Museum (Part 2)

Continuing from where I left it on Saumur Tank Museum (Part 1) I’ll cover the German Hall on today’s post.

The German Hall contemplated me with several new vehicles I have never seen before and a few ones I had but with some diferences. The order of the tanks is quite nice to understand how Germany developed their tanks during the War. The Tiger I in display is quite an unique vehicle to see, it’s one of the last seven remaining in the World and it’s very different from the Tiger 131 that is in display at Bovington Tank Museum.

Tiger I 221 or also known as Tiger Colmar

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