Panhard AMD 178B

Hello Commanders,

We’re starting the closed test for the first vehicle in the French armored car branch, the Panhard AMD 178B, which will sit at Tier VI.

It carries a 75-mm gun and has two axles (and four wheels). Of the wheeled vehicles’ new game mechanics, it offers only the special ‘magnet’ auto-aim. Two driving modes and the Charge ability are not available at this tier so that the vehicle isn’t overloaded with innovations and tankers get introduced to them step by step.

The closest ‘relatives’ the Panhard AMD 178B has gameplay-wise are light tanks. Yet it possesses better mobility and crosses difficult terrain with more ease. Also, it has good gun stabilization but limited view range and isn’t able to turn its hull in place. The armored car is vulnerable and should avoid face-to-face shoot-outs as it has neither armor nor firepower required for those. Its tactical niche is providing active spotting and fire support while relying on its swiftness.

Depending on test results, we may change the armored cars’ stats and/or mechanics. Stay tuned and may luck shine on you in every battle!