IS-6's armour changes in 9.14

As you’re aware already, the IS-6 will be reworked to HD in the incoming update, and as such, its armour is getting changed. A thread on the US forums from an admin resumed the changes (the link is at the end of the article), so here they are, for those who don’t have a look at the forums 🙂
Legend :

  • + improved
  • = didn’t change
  • +/- partially improved or worsened (with overall balance as result)
  • – worsened


Before the 9.14 patch :

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9.14 patch and beyond :

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+ Cupola has been decreased in size
+ Turret roof has been decreased in size
+ The driver’s hatch is now increased in size (this is a good thing, as you will notice in the next section)
+ The gap between the track and the fender has been decreased slightly
= The Lower glacis is decreased in size, but is also slighter weaker
= The height of the vehicle is slightly shorter
= Tracks have become noticeably bigger and now comprise external elements of the suspension. This will also make the tank easier to “track”.
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