M10 RFBM pictures

M10 RFBM is a new premium French TD tier V, that will arrive in 1.4.1


1.4.1: Public Test #1 Release Date

The public test of update 1.4.1 is scheduled for February 28, or worse postponed a week after. This will be a small interim update that fixes some technical errors and problems on the following maps:

  • Ensk;
  • Westfield;
  • Fisherman’s bay;
  • Mountain Pass;
  • Serene Coast;
  • Paris;
  • Pilsen;
  • Glacier;
  • Hinterland (Grand battles);
  • Widepark;

Wargaming disables client language fetching

Wargaming had an option for 3rd party websites and developers to get the language that a player has set in-game through the launcher.

This allowed websites (such as XVM and similar others) to show this data, meaning they could compile the number of players by country.  On 2/20, they completely disabled this without any notice.

This could be a result of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which was implemented last year, but ultimately only WG knows why.

XVM still partly works when showing player nation as they already have this information in their database.

Thanks to Dakado24 at wotcharts.eu for this information.

Vspishka’s open letter to World of Tanks developers and WG’s response

Something from the RU community, which I should have posted 2 months ago (sorry). We got a new Russian translator named Alex, he won’t be very active for now but expect some historical articles translated soon.

„„Aiming with a “mouse” is the main function of any shooter. People like shooters because there your skill and accuracy matters. An aim hack is considered cheating and is frowned upon in the gaming community.

World of Tanks originally employed the “aiming circle” and “dispersion” +-25% because classic shooter aiming wouldn’t work for tanks because they’re too slow and often you have to “hunt pixels” to hit the target. Autoaim was initially intended to handle server bugs and lags. It was needed, but nowadays bugs and teleporting tanks are gone, but the autoaim remains. It was tweaked a bit since then, but it’s still the same no brainer if your gun has more penetration than your target has armor. And of course there are many aim hacks based around the autoaim mechanic.

Just because of those cheats autoaim should be removed from the game, but it’s not happening. WG is afraid that people who have problems controlling their tank (and we see them a lot) will stop playing and stop paying.

Any kind of aim assist turns an interesting game into a child’s play and those “children” will gladly use cheats. Many seasoned gamers are past that stage, but adult tankers never had anything like that so they’re “having fun” with cheats. They’re not afraid of bans, they’ll just buy another account and will keep playing and “have fun”.

Introduction of new “aim assist” for wheeled vehicles will have some ADMITTED consequences. Opening the game for more forbidden mods will bring the game to the path of total degradation from the point of view of a normal player (who’s still playing and likes the game). These players will suffer and eventually they will be faced with a choice: use cheats or keep getting beat up. A fair player won’t be able to stand that for too long and will leave.

With my actions I want to bring this fact to the attention of WG team. This direction you’re heading into may be harmful for your player base.

Notice the many comments under your videos and on the forum. You’re not gods. You can make mistakes. You almost made a mistake and players don’t really want your new wheeled machines with cool new features you’re very excited about. Please, listen to me.

P.S. After a while even those who love these new wheeled vehicles will start to get mad at you. Stop until it’s too late.”

WG’s official response given to Vshpiska directly by Anton Pankov (outdated).

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