WoT Supertest: Vehicle Rebalancing Detailed Stats

AMX M4 54
• Repair cost: from 24,200 to 26,400 credits
Gun 1 – 120 mm D. 1203 b
• Moving Dispersion (max.): From 0.18 (7.20) to 0.12 (4.80)
• Tank Traverse Dispersion (max.): From 0.18 (6.01) to 0.12 (3.50)
• Reload time: from 10.45 to 9.59 s
• Rate of fire: from 5.74 to 6.26
AP shell penetration: from 264 to 270 mm
AP shell penetration at 500m: from 246 to 252 mm
AP shell velocity: from 1,067 to 950 m/s
APCR shell velocity: from 1,334 to 1,240 m/s
HE shell velocity: from 1,067 to 950 m/s
• Average damage per minute: from 2,297 to 2,503
• Average damage per minute with a HE shell: from 2,957 to 3,223
Gun 2 – 130 mm/45 Model 1935
• Reload time: from 15.15 to 12.85 s
• Rate of fire: from 3.96 to 4.67
• Accuracy at 100 m: from 0.34 to 0.32
AP (special) shell penetration: from 280 to 296 mm
AP (special) shell penetration at 500m: from 263 to 283 mm
AP (standard) shell velocity: from 840 to 960 m/s
AP (special) shell velocity: from 840 to 1,150 m/s
• Average damage per minute: from 2,218 to 2,615
• Average damage per minute with a HE shell: from 2,535 to 2,989 Survivability: • Health: from 2,200 to 2,400 HP
• Hull side armor: from 60 to 85 mm
• Tank traverse speed: from 33.38 to 29.20 m/s

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WoT CT 1.17.1: Test 2 Patchnotes

This Test is available for technical purposes and doesn’t introduce new content. However, this is the perfect time to test drive all those vehicles that you don’t have on your account yet and experiment with various equipment setups.

Main Changes

Fixed Issues and Improvements

Fixed the issue of the paint purchase message in the Notification Center, which did not match the purchased paint.

Fixed the issue of the “Ammunition incomplete” message being needlessly displayed in some cases in the Strongholds.

Fixed the issue of the combat ability use marker being displayed to tournament observers when switching between vehicles in the Steel Hunter mode.

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WoT EU: Monthly Rundown: Smoking Hot Specials for a Blazing July

Upcoming Specials and Events

July 1 through July 5: Crew Is Crucial
July 4 through July 11: Independence Day Special
July 4 through August 1: Monthly Twitch Drops
July 5 through August 5: Top of the Tree
July 8 through July 12: Weekend Challenge
July 10: EU vs NA Showmatch
July 15 through July 19: Team Effort
July 22 through July 26: Choose Your Difficulty
July 29 through August 2: Wargaming’s Birthday

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WoT EU: Give Your Crews a Deserved Promotion With Crew Is Crucial


From July 1 at 07:00 CEST through July 5 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Better Free XP to Crew XP Conversion Rate

The more battles you play, the more XP your crew members collect for mastering a tank class or acquiring new skills and perks. However, Free XP can also be converted to boost your crew to the next level. Make good use of this special to exchange 1 Free XP for 10 Crew XP (1gold = 5 10xp).

Crew Discounts

Grow your Barracks, assign new duties to loyal crew members, adjust skills and perks to perfectly match your playstyle, and even change entire specializations! Make sure you’ve got the right crew for the battle—and do it at a discount.

  • 50% gold discount on Barracks bunks

  • 50% gold discount on crew training/retraining

  • 50% gold discount on skill resets

  • 25% gold discount on crew specialization changes

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Tankfest Recap: Relive the Action

Tankfest in Numbers

  • Record-breaking live views: 46,800 viewers tuned in simultaneously to the Tankfest Online livestream, with the stream gaining more than 270,000 total views so far.
  • Museum visitors: 20,336 people visited The Tank Museum over the three-day event.
  • Vehicles displayed: Most big, some small—60 vehicles rolled out at Tankfest.
  • Keeping history alive: The dedicated Tankfest Tiltify campaign is still open. Thank you for supporting The Tank Museum and helping it preserve history for the future.

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Supertest: Vehicle Rebalancing

We are resuming the rebalance and sending the first vehicle batch to the Supertest with all different tiers and types.

We are working on the game and vehicles balance constantly, and now we want to show you the next changes. In the coming days, we will start testing a large batch of vehicles, which will be divided into groups. Some vehicles will be grouped according to their branches and tiers, while others will not be a part of any group, but will still require some updates to their characteristics.

Make sure you use our Community Feedback Form to send us additional feedback on those changes.

After the Supertest, the vehicles with revamped technical characteristics will be released as part of a future update in late August or early September. The first batch of vehicles will feature two Tier X vehicles: the Kranvagn and the AMX M4 mle. 54. You’ve long been asking us to take a fresh look at the effectiveness of these two vehicles and rebalance their characteristics. The rest of the vehicles from the list will also be tested in subsequent iterations. So, keep an eye on our Supertest news!


 The list of vehicles for rebalancing and their settings on the Supertest are subject to change. We may send certain vehicles for testing and remove others.

List of Vehicles
·Tier X Kranvagn
·Tier IX Emil II

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