WoT: Holiday Ops 2023 Known issues

This is the list of known issues in the Holiday Ops 2023 event. If you encounter other problems, please submit a ticket to WG.

  • The camera shifts up in the Exterior screen when selecting an application area with a customization item selected.
  • The card interface that lists all of a player’s friends’ Villages does not display the banner that informs about the probability of a long update of the list when searching for friends.
  • Interaction with the Holiday Ops bonuses section is possible through windows opened in the Garage (e.g., Chat, Personal File, etc.), meaning players can get to the Holiday Ops interface in nonobvious ways.

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WoT: Arcade Cabinet – New Year’s Launch

End of December. 3 separate launches.

A new iteration of the mode with interesting combat mechanics has already been added to the client. This launch added 3 remade maps in winter setting:
• Karelia
• Malinovka
• Prokhorovka
All these 3 maps are now covered with a dense layer of snow, and almost all the water is frozen, opening up new options for maneuvers. Unfortunately, weather effects were not added to the maps. Also, 3 current winter maps from the client (not redistributed) will be added to the map roster:
• Mannerheim Line
• Glacier
• Erlenberg

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