New RanZar video


14 thoughts on “New RanZar video

      1. I don’t think you are aware of what you are saying.
        Yepp, you are most definitely delusional, I am sure of it.
        Though it makes me wonder, what sort of drug you use?

        Probably Meth.

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    1. Have you played the Type 5?

      I mean its not absolutely terrible (it was though, because not only it was slow and had armor that relies on people not shooting premium at it, but it also had fucking terrible gun, now the gun is atleast ok), i think people trash it far too much (its not worst tier 10 like everyone bitches for; just look at some of the most gimped tier 10 TDs first). However, i think that Maus is better as tank, because much more resistant against gold and TDs + better gold ammo. Type 5 does have advantage in -10 depression, little better mobility and alpha + DPM, which makes it nastier against lowtiers, but its borderline useless if it gets gold spammed by more than one opponent.

      Are you meaning the upcoming buffs or the 9.15 buffs it got few months ago, though? The upcoming buffs should make Type 5 actually pretty solid pub tank.

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      1. I meant the upcoming ones, actually.
        What I was trying to say was that the Maus is good at being a mobile wall sort of gameplay, but the Type 5 is better in every other aspect, and with the new buffs it will be better even in armor (or get on even terms).
        As for the gold spam, sadly, I have to agree.

        But if a red scum tier 10 med can pen a Type 5 frontally, it will pen a Maus as well.
        I have seen it, I did it myself.
        Point here is that I don’t know what’s the reaction of the imbeciles when they see a Maus or a Type 5, will they auto-switch to gold without trying or not, what’s the difference between the two tanks?

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        1. No, Maus will still have better armor.

          While Type 5 gets huge buff on cheek armor, they are still there, and that along with generally the front shape Type 5 wont be still nearly as good sidescraper. Maus that angles its armor + turret can bounce pretty much everything pretty reliably in the game, expect maybe some tier 10 TD gold shells. While Type 5 will be able to actually sidescrape (it cant sidescrape at all atm; even IS-3 can pen cheek with AP, you angle your front from corners instead), its still vulnerable to 300+ pen when sidescraping because cheeks are still there. I think that angling front from corners is still better option. Maus’s turret front is weaker but its mantle is largeish and actually absorbs shots. Type 5’s mantle, after buffs, is about as good as turret front, so yea. Maus also should have still more effective turret than Type 5 after it angles, because Type 5’s turret sides are slightly pre-angled. Even after buffs, Type 5 will have around 50/50 bouncing tier 10 HT gold shells, even after perfect angling, while Maus can bounce them pretty reliably, especially because Maus can “hide” its turret cheeks when it angles it unlike Type 5..

          Type 5 should be overall better tank than Maus after buffs; however, Maus will be still king of armor. That being said, while we are at it, i think they should either buff Maus’s accuracy to 0.35 and buff DPM slightly or give it JT’s top gun, ofc with properly balanced gun stats.


          1. Hm, I see.
            Well, thank you for your detailed explanation. My thoughts here are that the Type 5 will be an overall better all-around tank, as you also said.
            All in all, I think the Type 5 could handle the various situations better than a Maus, even if the Maus has better angled armor.

            Besides, that +10 km/h can actually make the difference in the battle.


            1. +5, actually, and Maus has better P/W ratio.

              5 kph still makes huge difference at those speed levels tho. Its same as comparing 40kph to 50kph top speed, and that difference is huge, isnt it?

              So yea, giving buff to Maus wouldnt hurt anyone. Just like i suggested earlier; either better accuracy + DPM or JT’s top 12,8cm.


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