Data: New Mission Reward Tank Population Updated (EU)

This is how many folks have completed the respective campaigns in the last 45 days or so. Keep in mind this data only reflects those players who have played at least one battle in the tank.

Folks are still very slowly progressing to earn these tanks…

This data is taken from Wotcharts.Eu as of 1/14/2019.



WOT 1.4 preliminary patch notes (Reddit)

Update 1.4 1st iteration preliminary patch notes
(Translated from Russian so there may be some errors)

Edit: fixed translation mistakes.

Preliminary patchout version 1.4 WoT.

CT1: List of changes from version 1.4 versus 1.3.

Detailed and complete list of changes.
Major changes.

– The tasks of the second operation of the Second Front campaign are rebalanced.
– Added support for multi-threaded display of all graphics of the game, which will increase performance due to more uniform loading of all available cores of the CPU.
• Some players will notice a noticeable increase in FPS (frame rate per second).
• Increased performance will be particularly noticeable on the most modern and powerful PCs, as well as on computers of average performance.

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WOT Important News: 2019 Preview

In 2018, we continued our efforts to improve matchmaking and Grand Battles, while adding new vehicles, nations, challenges and other breathtaking game events. We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the idea of World of Tanks and won our fourth Golden Joystick Award by taking home the Still Playing category for the second year in a row. We’re already hard at work making great plans for the future, which we’re ready to share with you!