Wargaming disables client language fetching

Wargaming had an option for 3rd party websites and developers to get the language that a player has set in-game through the launcher.

This allowed websites (such as XVM and similar others) to show this data, meaning they could compile the number of players by country.  On 2/20, they completely disabled this without any notice.

This could be a result of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which was implemented last year, but ultimately only WG knows why.

XVM still partly works when showing player nation as they already have this information in their database.

Thanks to Dakado24 at wotcharts.eu for this information.


Data: A quick look at some serious balancing issues – T110E5 Vs Super Conqueror

Disclaimer: This is not a WG bash post, but yeah, this is pretty inexcusable/ridiculous.

I decided to compare these two tanks specifically because they play similarly (Tech tree heavy tanks, plays hulldown, 400 alpha damage, quick reload, similar speed, etc)

The Super Conq was released in October of 2017.

Nothing here is news and anyone who plays the game understands this matchup, but if you want stats:


Literally, the super conqueror is better at EVERYTHING except the E5 is slightly more mobile. 

2 more degrees of depression, better turret armor, non huge easily penned cupola, better gun handling, a lot more DPM, 200 more hp even for some reason. Also the M103 is a joke compared to the Tier 9 conqueror as well.

The E5 has a better hull but it’s not like either tank is hard to pen in the hull, so that’s a moot point.

To be frank this is pretty embarassing in my opinion, to have two tanks that are so similar yet one is so much better than the other, for well over a year. You can draw similar conclusions from other tanks, and these discrepancies have existed in some cases for SEVERAL years (Leopard/Is4/etc lul)

Not sure why it’s so difficult to fix these issues, or at least make an effort to make some tanks more competitive. Improving a few variables takes what, 30 seconds? Not saying this would fix the problem entirely, but it would at least show an attempt.

WOT 1.4 preliminary patch notes (Reddit)


Update 1.4 1st iteration preliminary patch notes
(Translated from Russian so there may be some errors)

Edit: fixed translation mistakes.

Preliminary patchout version 1.4 WoT.

CT1: List of changes from version 1.4 versus 1.3.

Detailed and complete list of changes.
Major changes.

– The tasks of the second operation of the Second Front campaign are rebalanced.
– Added support for multi-threaded display of all graphics of the game, which will increase performance due to more uniform loading of all available cores of the CPU.
• Some players will notice a noticeable increase in FPS (frame rate per second).
• Increased performance will be particularly noticeable on the most modern and powerful PCs, as well as on computers of average performance.

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