Wargaming EU wants your feedback

Decept1on from Wargaming Europe staff is gathering feedback on the Official Forum. This is an official data gathering and will be available until the 18th February. The questions he placed are:

  1. Nickname/Clan/Clan Position
  2. Top 3 thinks you don’t like in World of Tanks
  3. Top 3 thinks you don’t like in World of Tanks Clanwars gameplay
  4. Why do you play World of Tanks? What things you like the most? What do you receive from World of Tanks?

If you would like to let them know your thoughts, just visit the oficial forum post and leave a reply on the topic.


Remember, this is a good way of us players to show what we dislike and what we like in the game. Who knows, maybe Wargaming will start listening to the community? So the more of you that leave feedback, maybe, just maybe, will be better for all of us.

Boot Camp Challenge


Get ready for the Boot Camp Challenge, where you risk yourself to great battles and great rewards. By great rewards we mean 40 gold per day, and that’s it.

From 16th February at 06:10 (CET) to 20th February at 06:10 (CET) Wargaming chalanges you into two different missions:

Baptism of Fire

  • Conditions
    • Win a battle
    • Destroy at least 2 enemy vehicles in the course of the battle
    • Be in the Top 10 players by base experience earned
  • Reward
    • An amazing 20 gold.
  • Requirements
    • Random Battles only
    • Tiver IV and above
    • Once per day
    • First Victory of the Day bonus used

Brothers in Arms

  • Conditions
    • Win a battle
    • As a platoon, destroy a combined number of at least 5 enemy vehicles in the course of the battle
    • Personally, be in the Top 10 players by base experience earned
  • Reward
    • An amazing 20 gold.
  • Requirements
    • Random Battles only
    • Tiver IV and above
    • Once per day
    • First Victory of the Day bonus used
    • Be a member of a platoon

So, get out there, alone or with your friends for the daily challenge of getting peanuts from War Gaming. I’ll be honest, at this point it’s better to go and play Armored Warfare, you will get more gold out of them for World of Tanks.

They could at least give us some equipments, credits or even some personal reserves as a reward together with a low gold price. I know, 40 gold is worth a lot for some players that never buy gold, but it’s not even enough to buy a garage slot. Can’t Wargaming once in a while do something that will actually make the player base happy and thrilled to play the game and think “this mission is really worth my time”?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and remember what Wargaming said: Show that you’re as fit as ever and earn some gold for your good perfomance. go run and burn some calories!

A chance to ride the Tiger 131

Ever wanted to ride a tank? What about the legendary Tiger 131 from Bovington Tank Museum?

Tiger 131 – Tank Fest 2013 – Photo taken by Harkonnen

For those interested, the Bovington Tank Museum is selling raffle tickets where you can win a ride in the Tiger 131 on Tiger Day. Cost is 5£ each ticket, you can buy as many as you want to increase your changes to win.

If you plan on going to Tiger Day on 30th April 2016, and would love to ride the Tiger 131 just visit the museum page and get yourself one. Because of last year success, the museum decided to give more than one prize this time, so here what you could win:

  • 1st Prize: Ride on Tiger 131
  • 2nd Prize: Ride on Leopard
  • 3rd: Prize: Ride on Centurion

You can buy a raffle up to 29th February and the drawn will be on 4th March. The winners will be informed shortly after.

In no way I am trying to sell more tickets, just got one for me because I am going to Tiger Day and I though some of you might want to have a go too.

Saumur Tank Museum (Part 3)

If you just started reading about the Saumur Tank Museum, don’t forget to have a look at Part 1 and Part 2.

On today’s post I will be talking about the Curiosities Hall.

The museum has one hall I found really cool, the Curiosities Hall. In here you will find a known tank in World of Tanks, but what is most interesting is the other vehicles you find here. This hall is full of concepts that were build for a specific end.

Curiosities Hall

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Saumur Tank Museum (Part 2)

Continuing from where I left it on Saumur Tank Museum (Part 1) I’ll cover the German Hall on today’s post.

The German Hall contemplated me with several new vehicles I have never seen before and a few ones I had but with some diferences. The order of the tanks is quite nice to understand how Germany developed their tanks during the War. The Tiger I in display is quite an unique vehicle to see, it’s one of the last seven remaining in the World and it’s very different from the Tiger 131 that is in display at Bovington Tank Museum.

Tiger I 221 or also known as Tiger Colmar

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Saumur Tank Museum (Part 1)

I always dreamed on seeing the tanks I used to see in history books in person when I was a kid. Used to imagine myself going to places and be amazed by these vehicles and all of the engineering behind them. When I moved to the UK back in 2011, the first thing I did when I finally had money was to buy a car and go to the Bovington Tank Museum. My wife said to me when we got there “You look like a kid with a new toy”… And I was, I was finally seeing what I always dreamed of and I could touch them but this post is not about that visit, I’ll leave that to a latter post.

I will be sharing with you, in a series of posts, my visit to the Saumur Tank Museum, in Saumur, France or in as the French say Le Musée des Blindés de Saumur, back in September 2015.

Me in my Indiana hat that my lovely wife gave to me… and my trademark.

I found myself in here when I finally decided to find where the French museum was and to my surprise, I found out that it was 80 km from where me and my wife usually stop to sleep on our road trip to Portugal… yeah, I drive all the way to Portugal from the UK once or twice a year and its an amazing trip.

And I have to be honest, it wasn’t disappointing. The museum has a huge collection and with very unique vehicles for any tank enthusiast to go crazy about, in total the museum has over 800 vehicles and over 200 are in full working order.

The visit costs a mere 8€ and if you want to take pictures/videos you have to pay an extra 5€, which is a great price for what you get.

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