World Of Warships

WoWS: Clan Battles season “Salamander” – new restrictions and changes to the EU prime time

Details about upcoming changes to the 20th season of Clan Battles. Based on analysis of battles as well as player…

19 hours ago

WoWS – How to Play: U.S. Hybrid Battleships

4 days ago

WoWS: Unique Upgrades for Petropavlovsk and Manfred von Richthofen – 12.2 Closed Testing

Update 12.2 will see the closed testing of unique upgrades for Petropavlovsk and Manfred von Richthofen. The unique upgrade for Petropavlovsk can…

5 days ago

WoWS: TAP Invite Codes

You can now make a new WoWS account using the following links (and support TAP in the process!): Invite Link…

6 days ago

WoWS – Battle Pass in Update 12.2

6 days ago

New super ships – Closed Test 12.3

British super battleship Devastation and Soviet super cruiser Novosibirsk have been added to the game for testing. British super battleship…

1 week ago