WoT Console: Projet Murat

Projet Murat (France, Tier-10, MT, premium)

The tank project had two key features—a new layout of the fighting cab and a double-hull tracked propeller. According to the developers, it could take the characteristics of firepower and mobility to a new level. The fighting cab was divided into compartments for the crew and guns. The autoloader consisted of a 3-shot main loading system and an auxiliary mechanized stowage system. The design made it possible to load the gun and replenish the main stowage without mounting the gun to a fixed loading angle, which significantly increased the rate of fire and crew comfort. The track was divided into two parts, allowing the vehicle to remain maneuverable even if hit by a mine. However, when using a double-loop propeller, the weight of the chassis increased, and the transmission and movement control became more complex. The project didn’t reach the production stage.

Tank Characteristics

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WoT Console: Flamethrower Tanks

Your enemies are about to feel the heat. Master a new mechanic with the game’s first Premium flamethrower tank!

During World War II, Allied forces fielded a vehicle that served as the predecessor of the well-known Churchill Crocodile flamethrower tank.

Today, that tank is here to help lay the foundation for the new flamethrower tanks in World of Tanks Modern Armor. Take a look at the British Tier V Churchill Oke Heavy Tank!

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