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WoT EU: Join the Battle With HandOfBlood

Please welcome a new addition to your favorite tank crew and the exclusive roster of unique in-game Commanders! Maximilian Knabe,…

1 day ago

WoT CT 1.20.1: Japanese TDs Research Cost

tier 5 - (Type 3 Ho-Ni III) = 13 550 exp. tier 6 - (Type 95 Ji-Ro) = 29 250…

2 days ago

WoT: Do You Want Team Battles to Return or Not?

Team Battle was introduced to the game on 08/11/2013 with the 0.8.9 update and got discontinued on 11/07/2019. This unique game…

3 days ago

WoT: Battle Pass Season 10 Soundtrack

PS: If you want a great self-improvement guide to get in the top 1%, you can check out our friend's…

3 days ago

WoT: Recon Mission 2023 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Why did the developers decide to make these changes to the maps? Currently, our players don't get…

3 days ago

WoT: Permanent Price Drop for Premium Accounts

Did someone mention a price drop? That's right! Get bundles with 90, 180, or 360 days of WoT Premium Account for…

3 days ago