Battle of Kursk marathon – missions day 14



4TP – Supertest

4TP (LT-1, Poland). Crew 2 people.

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In 1935. it was decided to create new light tanks for the Polish army. Works were conducted at the Państwowe Zakłady Inżynieryjne (PZInż) enterprise under the supervision of the engineer E. Habih. The creation of the car was strongly influenced by foreign developments, and an example was the British four-ton Vickers Carden Loyd Commercial Light Tank. In December 1936. the documentation was ready, on the basis of which the creation of the prototype of the PZInż.140 tank began. From the autumn of 1937. to May 1939. the tests of the tank were carried out, but it did not go to serial production.



WOT micro-patch July 19. (

micro patch

On the night of 18. to 19.07. there will be a new micro patch, it is likely to crash mods with a modified hangar interface, it will add folders /mods/ and /res_mods/
This is for RU server, but most likely it will be on the same night on EU.


10TP – Supertest

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10TP (LT-3, Poland). Continues the trend of TP in the family. Crew of 4 people. 
Project of the wheel-tracked tank cruiser of the late 1930s. The project was based on the Christie tank. The prototype of the machine was successfully tested in 1938-39, but with the beginning of the Second World War the work on the tank was stopped and the prototype was destroyed. 



7TP – Supertest

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7TP was the development of the British tank Vickers Mk.E, produced in Poland under license. The machine was different from the original with a more powerful diesel engine. 235 (Saurer VBLDb), a turret and weapons. The first series of machines was made in a two-turret version. In 1935, an agreement was concluded with the Swedish firm Bofors to manufacture a turret with cannon armament of the same firm for installation on a single-turret version of the tank. The first prototype of the single-turret tank 7TP was tested in February 1937. After that, mass production began, and until September 1939, 110 single-turret 7TPs were produced. 



Collector’s Gem of the Week: Ram II



You’ll find our new collector’s gem in the American tech tree. However, it’s actually from Canada! This variant of the Canadian “Ram” is indeed the star of this week and will shine brightly on the battlefield thanks to its exceptionally high rate of fire, and a very large HP pool for a Tier V medium tank.

With these two characteristics, the Ram II will definitely surprise more than one adversary in combat. Try it yourself now thanks to our new bundles!

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