Data: Looking for some ideas for future articles

Hi folks,

I’m looking for some ideas for future data related articles. Obviously the data needs to be available, but I can analyze basically everything in a graph, chart, or anything of various types.

Some ideas are other things from Vbaddict, Wotcharts.Eu, Wotlabs, etc or other WOT websites.

If anyone has any ideas or wants to see something you can put in the comments or find me on TAP Discord as Motoko.

I GUESS I could do WOWS stuff, but I don’t play that game. Data is data though, so it doesn’t matter what it’s for.





Data: Tier IX Tank Statistics

Same story as before, WR, DMG, and KPG are average values from Wotcharts.EU and Vbaddict, the others (Blocked and spotting) are strictly from Vbaddict. Each is weighed the same, 10 points each based on percentile performance relative to other tanks. Remember this is how AVERAGE players perform in these tanks. The percentile column is where the tank ranks (0 and 100% are excluded). Average score is a 25.55 with a standard deviation of 8.54, so basically the 430 is well above two standard deviations relative to the mean. Max score of 50.

I didn’t include XP because that just favors brawler tanks more and tracking assisted does as well, not going to hit tracks consistently in a tank 400 m away (I guess unless you’re a Swede td)

Some surprises here, other things not so much. Not surprised at all 430 is at the top considering that tank could probably be a tier 10 and still do fine, it has good armor, high hp, and some insane camo values. The 50TP, T95, and the AMX T9 heavy are all quite good too. The quantity of battles is important to consider too, obviously lots of people playing the T-10 probably means more new players.

I’m surprised the 257 isn’t better as that tank is pretty idiot proof. There’s few other surprises like I said but I’ll let the chart speak for itself.

I would like to be able to compare only the best players in tanks, but I don’t have that data, so RIP.

Special tanks (T-55A etc) excluded.

Enjoy – any suggestions welcome.

Edit: Also, T95 blocks 58% of incoming shots, which is absurd, never seen something that high, especially at higher tiers.


Data: New Mission Reward Tank Population (EU)

Hi folks,

Some quick data from regarding how many players have obtained the new reward tanks thus far. I’ll probably update once a month.

You can click the image to enlarge.

As you can see even the Excalibur does not have many owners even though EU has hundreds of thousands of players. It seems only the most dedicated/hardcore players have these tanks so far.


Data: Tier VIII Premium Tank Statistics

It’s that time again folks. The below chart is tier VIII premiums only. Keep in mind this data is based on basically average player skill. I used Win rate, average damage, spotting, Blk %, KPG, and Gross Income (credits) for metrics. I used data from VBAddict and averaged win rate, DPG, and KPG from both Wotcharts.Eu and Vbaddict to get a more accurate value. Each category is weighed the same amount and is percentile based so it’s measured relatively to other tanks (IE Defender gets 10 points in Win rate while Panther 88 gets 0 points for win rate). Preferential MM tanks are highlighted yellow and this data doesn’t reflect the recent buffs but they were minor so probably won’t change much, maybe 1-2 points etc. I removed some of the more rare tanks (For example IS-3A) so not every tier 8 prem is in this. I also removed all duplicate tanks except Defender/252U so people can just see how the data paints a consistent picture (since Defender/252U basically have same score, 2-3 points difference is negligible).

Obviously this chart is not perfect, but it doesn’t mean the chart isn’t useful.


Key Points:  Defender is OP, even WG admitted it, and it’s not surprising it’s at the top. The other tanks at the top are all great as well (T-44-100, Progetto, etc). Also the bottom of the list is no surprise; Panther 88, CDC, Patton KR, etc are all known to be awful. Keep in mind this is how AVERAGE players do in these tanks.

I’ll do tier 9s next. If anyone has any other data (I can manipulate any data, doesn’t have to be about tank performance) they’d like to see, let me know and we can discuss it (Sure, I’ll help you with your math homework too). I can be found on TAP discord.

Data: WoT Server Population (EU/NA)

Data collected from over the last ~500 days (Began June 2017) contains peak number of WOT players for EU and NA servers, per day. I averaged this data by month for comparison purposes to see how the WOT population is doing since a lot of people are always talking about how “WOT is dead” or “WOT is dying” etc.

The data speaks for itself. Both servers are remaining pretty constant with their population peaks, with roughly only a 10% decline year over year for both servers. I added trend lines for reference to show the slight decline in population.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say the game is not “dead” by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks to Dakado24 (Wotcharts.Eu) for the data and Seb for a lot of things.


Data: Tier 8 tech tree tank Performance


More statistical analysis based on data from VBaddict on Tier 8 tech tree tanks only (No prem tanks or special tanks  – I would only compare prem tanks to other prem tanks).

Do I think this list is 100% accurate to determine which tanks are good/bad? No, but it is a useful reference. No Italian or Polish tanks yet, sample sizes were too small and it’s mostly only the hardcore/very skilled players who have them, which skews the data.


Using data from VBaddict (categories shown below in table) I evaluated the tanks on a percentile basis, for example SU-101 is the highest percentile in win rate, thus would receive 10 points for their win rate. Some other tanks may also receive 10 points for their win rate, it depends on how close their win rate is in the distribution of win rates relative to the SU-101s. Basically what this means is that the scores are all relative to each other, which in my opinion is the best way to compare them mathematically. Maximum possible score is 91.5.

However, in this data iteration I assigned “weighted” values to each category based on my own opinion/logic. Some people will go crazy about this but oh well. I didn’t use any unicum opinion this time because it’s difficult to get their opinions. I do feel Unicum opinion is a useful piece of information.

For example, Tracking assisted is not as valuable as % of shots blocked, at least in my opinion. Mobility is as valuable as blocking % and Win rate, DMG, etc while kills/spotting/XP are slightly less important. The weighting doesn’t really change much overall in the scores, the same tanks are still at the top with some very subtle changes.

WR is Win rate, XP is XP/game, DMG is dmg/game, SPOT ASST is spotting/game, TRA ASST is Tracking assisted/game, BLK % is % of shots blocked, KPG is kills per game, MOBPT is an averaged value that considers top speed, reverse speed, and power/weight (Yes I know terrain resistance is very important, but I have no way to import the data automatically/easily).



No real surprises here in general. Nothing stands out to me as totally wrong, nobody will argue Tiger II or Kv-4 are good tanks. Sniping TDs scores suffer in general for the most part because they’re sitting red line while their team dies and not doing anything, thus their win rate, xp, damage, spotting, etc will all suffer.

Su-101 at the top, not surprising considering it’s a mini 268V4.

Again the colors pretty much tell the story.


Disclaimer: This may be the last data article I do, it takes a lot of work to do this (Several hours) and I have pretty much lost interest in WOT in general (I haven’t played in a month for many reasons).

We’ll see what happens. Thanks to those that helped out with this article.


Data: Looking for volunteer(s) to help out with some manual data input

Hi folks,

In order to continue providing data articles I need some help. I am having a hell of a time parsing specific data. In this case it’s tank mobility (3 values, top speed, reverse speed, and power/wt, since VBaddict doesn’t have a metric for that, I tried using only to run into a slew of issues (Spent 3 hours yesterday trying to automate it). It takes several hours for me to create the content as is, and this would just slow it down and make it more frustrating.

If anyone is willing to help with some manual data entry, it would be greatly appreciate and I can release more articles more frequently. I am guessing manually inputting all the data would take 90 minutes or so, depends on how fast you work. This is for tier 8 tanks only.

If interested please contact me on Discord –  Motoko#2713 ( I am in TAP Discord) and we can discuss. I can send you which tanks and what values I need in a table, and you just input them.


Edit – All set. Thanks for the help.