WoT EU: Join the Battle With HandOfBlood

Please welcome a new addition to your favorite tank crew and the exclusive roster of unique in-game Commanders! Maximilian Knabe, AKA HandOfBlood, is ready to join the fight! Modeled after the famous German YouTuber and livestreamer HandOfBlood, this Commander adds a new level of excitement to your battles in German vehicles. With his unique voice lines, you’ll feel like the real HandOfBlood is manning your tank, cheering you on to victory. OFFERS [1., 2., 3.] (more…)

1 day ago

WoT CT 1.20.1: Japanese TDs Research Cost

tier 5 - (Type 3 Ho-Ni III) = 13 550 exp. tier 6 - (Type 95 Ji-Ro) = 29 250 exp./48 300 exp. tier 7 - (Chi-To SP) = 56 320 exp./122 120 exp. tier 8 - (Ho-Ri 2) = 97 300 exp./240420 exp. tier 9 - (Ho-Ri 1) = 152 200 exp./441 620 exp. tier 10 - (Ho-Ri 3) = 218 700 exp./724 320 exp. Release: ~second half of April 2023

2 days ago

WoT: Do You Want Team Battles to Return or Not?

Team Battle was introduced to the game on 08/11/2013 with the 0.8.9 update and got discontinued on 11/07/2019. This unique game mode allowed you to build small teams of 5-7 members and engage in highly competitive skirmishes with other similar teams. Today's equivalent of it is Onslaught which isn't exactly what a competitive game mode in World of Tanks should be. Filled with Role Skills, Objectives on the map, and increased HP of tanks are distorting this game mode. (more…)

3 days ago

WoT: Battle Pass Season 10 Soundtrack

PS: If you want a great self-improvement guide to get in the top 1%, you can check out our friend's guide here. link: https://www.amazon.de/Mens-Success-Journal-Selfimprovement-track/dp/B0BTRX4YFR/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1U8Y559O7LO2N&keywords=mens+success+journal&qid=1679680435&sprefix=%2Ca (more…)

3 days ago

WoT: Recon Mission 2023 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Why did the developers decide to make these changes to the maps? Currently, our players don't get very much interaction with the maps. They can break fences, trees, and some large objects, but that's about it. We want to give them the ability to dynamically change situations in battle, especially by interacting with the environment. Our goal is to immerse the player further into the game through rich and vibrant visual effects, building a system that allows them to interact more with the gameplay. (more…)

3 days ago

WoT: Permanent Price Drop for Premium Accounts

Did someone mention a price drop? That's right! Get bundles with 90, 180, or 360 days of WoT Premium Account for up to 14% off, both in-game and from the Premium Shop! This price change will affect all current and future packages that feature days of WoT Premium Account.

3 days ago