Tame the Object 780

7 hours ago

Firepower The Object 780 is a maneuverable assault heavy tank with a powerful 130 mm cannon. It has remarkable gun handling stats for a heavy tank, including 530 HP alpha damage, an aiming time of 1.9 s, 0.35 m dispersion at 100m, and over 2,200 DPM. Combined with decent gun depression and elevation angles—especially for a Soviet tank—the Object 780 is a threat from almost any distance. (more…)

WoT – Best Replays of the Week: Episode #182 “It’s Alive!!!”


7 hours ago

WoT NA Bonus Codes

NG1X0W5B Gives: -1 Mile -Large Repair Kit (x5), -Automatic Fire Extinguisher (x5) -Large First Aid Kit (x5) AREWETHEREYET Gives: -Rental T26E5 Patriot for 3 days -Access to a Mission -5x Personal Reserves: +200% to Experience for 1 hour

13 hours ago

WoWS: Changes to Submarines — 0.11.6 Public Testing

We continue to fine-tune submarines based on testing results. VI Cachalot, VIII Salmon, and X Balao Dive Capacity recovery rate reduced: 1.5 to 1.2 units/s. VI U-69, VIII U-190 and X U-2501 Dive Capacity recovery rate reduced: 1 to 0.8 units/s. Changes to speed and turning circle radius (more…)

13 hours ago

WoT EU: Škoda T 27, T-44-100, and E 75 TS Offers

Škoda T 27, Tier VIII Czechoslovakian Medium Tank Clip Capacity: 3 Top Speed: 50 km/h Damage: 240/240/295 HP UP TO 28% OFF JAN ŽIŽKA STYLE T-44-100, Tier VIII Soviet Medium Tank Top Speed: 52 km/h Damage per Minute: 2,000 HP/min Aiming Time: 2 s UP TO 28% OFF E 75 TS, Tier VIII German Heavy Tank Turret Armor: 230/120/80 mm Top Speed: 45 km/h Damage: 360/360/440 HP UP TO 28% OFF KAMPFGRUPPE BECKEN STYLE

18 hours ago

WoT EU: Celebrate American Independence Day With FREE Decals and Styles

Happy 4th of July, Commanders! This shout-out goes to our colleagues in the U.S. and the American players on the North America server! Enjoy the day off, light up some fireworks, and indulge in everything red, white, and blue. Meanwhile, everybody on the EU servers should head to the game immediately to claim FREE DECALS! The Independence Day Store has just opened early ahead of the missions starting on July 4. You can already trade a token for two sets of themed decorations. Royal Tea Projection Decal Liberty Bell Projection Decal Add them to your collection in preparation for the upcoming Independence Day missions. They'll help you collect even more tokens and trade them for up to two brand-new 2D styles. Independence Day Missions Available from July 4 at 07:00 CEST through July 11 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) (more…)

19 hours ago

WoT – Iron Age on the Global Map


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