Learn About the Advantages of the European and Chinese Regions Over the Russian One in World of Tanks

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Note: this is a sponsored article. Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash World of Tanks is one of the most popular online games, with millions of players trying their luck every day around the world. It is a multiplayer game featuring the tanks of the previous century. (more…)

WoWS: Changes to Test Ships – Closed Test 12.1

Based on testing results, we’re applying changes to Joshua Humphreys, Pan American cruisers, Illinois, Colossus, and Ravenna. We also fixed a bug affecting concept test platform, Cumberland. American Super destroyer Joshua Humphreys Shell flight time has been adjusted depending on different firing distances: at long distances, shells will reach their target 15-20% faster than before; at short distances, shell flight time will only change slightly. As an extension of this change, the armor penetration of the ship’s AP shells will also increase slightly (by 10-20 mm, depending on the exact distance). Removed the bonus to the chance to start fires given by the alternative firing mode. Tier VI-IX Pan-American cruisers (more…)

2 hours ago

WoT: Battle Pass Season X – Featured Tier X Tanks Speculation

In the 1.20 Common Test, 3 new 3D Styles were found, 1 for each vehicle mentioned under. Note that these aren't progressive 3D Styles yet and it isn't confirmed either, but it's almost 99% safe to say that the core vehicles for the Season X Battle Pass are going to be the: Maus Udes 15/16 Rinoceronte

10 hours ago

WoT CT 1.20: “Nyx” 3D Style for Rinoceronte

Description: "Another report on excessive shell usage? Anything else? You l'asino stupido got your shoulder marks two weeks ago but already managed to get everyone (more…)

11 hours ago

WoT CT 1.20: “Svadilfari” 3D Style for UDES 15/16

Description: "This is unbearable, Eric. I've lived in the north my whole life, and you know what the weather is like over there. Now I'm getting transferred here, where (more…)

11 hours ago

WoT CT 1.20: “Wüstenschiff” 3D Style for Maus

Description: They are still very young, just taking baby steps. I hope—sincerely—that all of them will live through this war and that they'll have an opportunity to take (more…)

11 hours ago

WoT CT 1.20: Increased Shell Resistance Equipment Became Available For Bonds

Whether it is intentional or not, on the 1.20 Common Test the Increased Shell Resistance became available for 5000 bonds.

12 hours ago