11 thoughts on “WoT RU: Changes To Abbey Map

      1. it doesn’t take much IQ to understand what he means… not everyone has English as primary language.. either way he is right.. every post here about RU server makes me sad I can’t move my account there.. tank rebalancing is on point.. so as maps.. Abbey for 10 years nothing changed.. obvious terrible corridor map.. also don’t need much IQ to understand this thing as well.. this change is absolute W

        1. Because WG eu more than happy to take money and do fuck all with it. Except sell more premiums for quickybaby to promote to fat pigs

          1. Same people commenting that are praising Lesta WOT non sense also same people who were trigger that their version number should be higher than World of Tanks NA/EU/ASIA

          2. Former Russia only player here,
            Wargaming is doing right and have right do to recover from split of war-infested related Russian WOT. Wargaming still providing new features/newer content despite claims of new premium tanks. While RU content since the split were mainly improvements to “Premium features” mainly to lootboxes (adding lockpicks & keys) seriously? then adding steps to get “better rewards” for lootboxes….yea i dont think have presentation newer content…RU goes overboard with tank changes…which super unnecessary

  1. At this point, if you’re a WG WoT player, every good change change Lesta makes gives you emotional damage.

    But you can’t shit about it, except stop buying anything from WG and pray that someone who really cares about the game comes in and takes the charge.

    1. Wot EU players must be emotionally damaged retards to keep playing and paying for nothing 🤣

      But with only 20,000 players on EU 🤡

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