WoT: Changes in the Czechoslovakian Light Tank Branch

Just over a week ago, the tier 7 light tank Škoda T 17 of the future Czechoslovakian branch was released on the Supertest, and the developers indicated that this tank would be the transitional model from the existing tanks to the new ones.

As a result, the developers have removed the previously announced tier 5 and 6 researchable tanks! This has been confirmed by our sources. The new and final transition will now be from the tier 6 Škoda T 25.
• You can already accumulate ~60,000 experience on the Škoda T 25.

Why were the two tanks from the earlier branch announcement removed? Smart tankers will figure it out (it’s quite obvious).

It is possible that we might not see these tanks at all.

2 thoughts on “WoT: Changes in the Czechoslovakian Light Tank Branch

  1. This is not the first time WG is doing this – they removed the low tier tanks on previous branches too. Next time I will not grind any XP before the tanks come to Common Test.
    And hope that the responsible WG employees burn in hell for this!

  2. Its possible we will not see the removed tanks or the whole branch ?? and what is with the picture are we getting more japan and polish tanks ??

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