Essential Tools Every Firearm Hobbyist Must Have

According to Global Firearms Holdings, an estimated 85% of firearms in circulation worldwide are in civilian hands. The right to defend one’s self, prevalence of hunting and sports shooting, and collectors’ interest are some reasons why civilian ownership of firearms is high. If you’re a firearm enthusiast, it is essential that you maintain and ensure the safe operation of your weapon. Therefore, having the right tools is vital for safety, longevity of firearms, and enhancement of experience.

Maintenance and Cleaning Including Customization

As a gun owner, you are responsible for the regular cleaning and maintenance of your weapon so that it functions reliably and safely. Proper maintenance averts common malfunctions such as misfires, jams, and corrosion. Cleaning your firearm at regular intervals guarantees that it operates smoothly every time it is used.  In this regard, you will need cleaning kits, brushes, and lubricants for proper upkeep. However, before you start cleaning your gun, ensure that it is unloaded. This is the golden rule before fiddling with a weapon even if you think it’s empty. Unintentional gun injuries claim the lives of 500 people in a year per the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV) report. Hence, double and triple check and inspect the chamber and the magazine thoroughly to confirm there are no rounds present.  It’s recommended to cycle the action several times to clear any rounds.

For example, as a firearm hobbyist, you might build your own weapon from parts kits including components that are similar to P80 frames which are unfinished lower receivers. They can be customized and personalized using different triggers, sights, and grips. Note that building a firearm from scratch requires knowledge and expertise. And, customized weapons must also be cleaned and maintained properly. Wear safety glasses and put on hearing protection. Use a cleaning rod appropriate for your frame size, jags in various sizes to fit the barrel diameter, and nylon/bore brushes. A cleaning solvent helps loosen and remove debris while gun oil suitable for your firearm protects it from rust and corrosion. Lubricating your gun also helps in the smooth operation of moving parts.

Safety and Repairs

Gun vises and bench blocks assist in securing firearms during maintenance reducing the risk of accidental charge or damage significantly. Thus, it is imperative that you have the correct tools for disassembling and assembling to prevent injuries and damage to the firearm. Bore locks and trigger locks are tools that guarantee a gun is stored safely in compliance with the law. If your gun is customized, you will also need implements like screwdrivers, punches, and armorer’s wrench  if you wish to install new parts or make adjustments.

Firearms enthusiasts will likely undertake minor repairs if they have the capability. Instead of relying on a gunsmith for minor tweaks, equipping one’s self with the right tools can do the job faster and for less cost. On top of a cleaning kit, you will need a gunsmithing screwdriver, hammer, and punch set. Say you wish to improve the performance of your weapon. You will then need torque wrenches and trigger pull gauges to fine tune a gun for optimal performance and so on.

Having the appropriate tools is not only convenient, but also necessary for safety, reliability, and enjoyment of firearms. Implements help in proper maintenance, customization, repairs, and upgrades.

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